5 Free Online Reputation Management Tools You Can Use To Cut Down Your Budget

During this coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, every business is busy cutting their budget and finding some inexpensive solutions to market their products and services. But when it comes to online reputation management, they wonder how to reduce the budget and build a strong reputation online.

True enough. Reducing the budget and finding some great solution is quite challenging. However, if you are using free ORM tools, you can surely perform the job within your budget. This will reduce your online reputation management cost to a great extent, allowing you to invest more in other business essentials.

Keep reading the article and find the free online tools below.

5 Free online reputation management tools you can use in this crisis situation

  1. Google Alerts: The very first name that strikes the mind is Google Alerts. The tool is absolutely free to use and comes with outstanding features, powering businesses with multiple leverages.

Google Alerts, as the name suggests, is defined as a tool that you can use to set alerts for any brand reviews or brand mentions. It allows users to get notifications whenever new content related to the brand is added over the web. The notifications appear as an email message and always contain the link that carries the review or mentions.

You can simply view the dashboard and find all your reviews and feedback in one place. The best thing is you can also use this tool to reply promptly.

2. Mention.com: Just like Google Alerts, Mention acts similarly allowing users to witness the brand mentions mentioned on different sites. Using this tool, you can come across the content where your brand name is mentioned.

Usually, the brand names are taken by the customers or by the potential clients after being a part of your campaign. If you have recently launched any campaign, you should keep a tab on brand mentions.

The free version of Mention allows users to export mentions, email to others, and label them as positive, negative, and neutral. You can even connect your social accounts and share the mentions with your targeted audience or followers.

3. Complaint Search Box: For online reputation, monitoring the list of complaints is important. Different clients register different kinds of complaints related to your business. To learn about these complaints and replying to them with empathy, Complaint Search Box turns out to be the best.

With this tool, you can search all your registered complaints, learn why the customers are not happy with your services and products, and send them a quick response with an apologizing note. The Complaint Box is always filled with negative reviews. So, taking the utmost care is your responsibility.

4. Rankur: Rankur is another supportive tool that can give you better results. With this tool, you can not only track and analyze your social media report but even improve your social media presence in multiple ways.

 Rankur’s specialty is in monitoring the business name appeared on social media, press releases, blog posts, comment section, and so on. Use this tool and receive an alert whenever a new mention or review is added.

5. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is another most popular and affordable ORM tool, friendly enough in this crisis situation. Here you get a dashboard using which you can manage and maintain entire social media.

 Be it is Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or other social media networks, using Hootsuite you can keep track of everything. It is basically a social media monitoring tool where you can filter your searches based on languages, hashtag, keyword, location, and so on.

To perform in-depth analytics, Hootsuite is the best option to go for, especially in this pandemic period.

The Bottom Line

The free tools mentioned above can definitely help in monitoring, assessing, and managing your brand reputation online. It will help you to repair your reputation and build a good reputation score even during this pandemic.

However, if you have a good budget, you can definitely try out the paid tools. This will give you more features with more leverages.

Start with the free tools and set off your business online.

For a better approach, hire the best online reputation repair services and earn more profits.

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