5 Features Your Digital Marketing Strategy Should Have for Success

As we advance into the technological era, there is a growing need for businesses to be at par with the latest strategies in digital marketing. These strategies are the only way for companies to remain afloat in the face of fierce online competition. An excellent digital plan is also the only way for companies to know that their marketing efforts are being channeled to the right audience. On that note, it is essential that every business owner incorporate certain features in his/her marketing plan to create a successful digital marketing strategy. If you are a business person looking to better your online marketing strategy, you happen to be in good company because I have provided five features below that your digital marketing plan should incorporate for maximum success.

Organic search is king

Organic search is the lifeline of any successful digital marketing strategy. It is king as it is the only way that search engines can find you and put you out there so those who need what you offer can make their way to your business’s website. For this reason, your marketing strategy should incorporate various SEO practices that help optimize your site for search engines. These practices include

–           Keyword optimization

–           Title tags

–           Meta descriptions

–           Internal page linking

UX is your calling card

While organic search brings you traffic, your website design determines if they will stay. You’ve worked so hard to direct them here, so the last thing you want is to get the cold shoulder because they didn’t like your site. Your website design is the thin line between retaining and losing prospects. It is the first thing that new users see when they reach your site and as they say, first impressions matter. Therefore ensuring that they will like what meets their eyes is essential. Besides aesthetics, your website should give them a top-notch user experience. For instance, it should explain to them what goods and services you offer, make it easy for them to search and navigate through the various product and service categories, and detail how they can reach you. In a nutshell, good UX design is vital to growing and retaining your customer base.

Mobile marketing is key

Nowadays people spend more time on their phone than on any other device. They use their phones to shop, research and communicate. This explains why sales made through mobile marketing have been increasing over the years. In 2017, 91% of mobile users purchased something using their phones, and by the end of 2019, mobile marketing is expected to represent 72% of the total digital spending in the US. You can’t afford to miss out on all these potential customers, which is why your strategy should feature mobile marketing.

Go hard on social media

According to a survey conducted by Adsite, an average person spends up to five hours on his or her smartphone. During this time, they are usually navigating different social media platforms, and browsing through content on the internet. Three of those five hours are spent on social media, which is why you need to set camp here as well. Social media marketing helps you reach out to those who don’t know about your business. Whenever you share a post about your business, it reminds them of what you do so that later on,  they will remember your brand and give it priority. It also gives you an opportunity to interact with your clients, giving them the much-needed human touch, which most businesses nowadays lack.

Additionally, it gives you a chance to respond to both positive and negative reviews and acts as a damage control tool. For instance, whenever there is an unsatisfied client complaining on Facebook or Instagram about poor services or maybe defective goods, you get to make the situation right by responding in a polite manner and asking them what you can do to remedy the situation. Such responses will not only help you correct the situation but will also bring you other customers who will be impressed by your good customer care. Furthermore, social media serves as an excellent platform for content marketing as you can share links to your site’s blog, thus offering useful information about your goods and services to both current and prospect clients.

Don’t forget email marketing

According to Forbes, 97% of first-time visitors don’t usually make any purchases. However, 65% of them usually end up purchasing something when a newsletter hits their inbox, reminding them of your products and informing them about new stock and discounts.

While getting new customers is critical in digital marketing, keeping the old ones is twice as valuable. Repeat customers are vital as they will spread the word about your great products and services. They are the ones who write customer testimonials that you can use to attract hordes of new ones. A simple email wishing them a good day or a simple card wishing them a happy international celebration such as mother’s day or Christmas, will make them feel appreciated and encourage them to keep doing business with you. To seal the deal, email marketing might cost you nothing.

Final thoughts

The internet has made things so much easier for businesses. Gone are the days when people had to rely on expensive mass media advertising. All anyone needs now is to take advantage of the tools already being utilized by other companies. In a nutshell, you don’t need to own a big company to gain leverage in this competitive business world. All you need is a digital marketing strategy that incorporates the above features, and you’ll be working your way up to be ranked in the same boat as bigger companies.

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