5 Easy-To-Use Animation Tools For Beginners

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Animation, one of the most proficient branding asset, is regarded as a powerful asset in the world of digital marketing. As many major industries are experiencing a technological shift, its time marketers should gear up with high-tech tools and software to create fascination animation.

Animation involves many aspects from storyboarding to plot creation to enhancements of every single area involved in characterization. You need to get your hands on such tools that can make it possible to try out to produce appealing and compelling animation. You have to keep the curves smooth and edges pointed. Your drawings should have fine lines with appropriate intensities of color shading. If you have been feeling troubled achieving flawless finishing in your animated video business, here are the top five tools that you must have:

  1. Apple Motion

Apple Motion is an ideal application that can let you create captivating motion graphics whether in the form of GIF or a full-fledged explainer video. You can indulge in the fascination with 3D composition and vector painting. You can even tack motion across all mediums. The app is full of professional features and a seamless interface to use. With Apple Motion, you can even create an animated movie. It has such expertise that facilitates the users to create advanced animations.

  1. Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a highly responsive app used mainly for creating intricate motion graphics and cutting-edge post-production video. Its complex features attract professionals, as novices have to take tutorials to learn the procedures. The sleek display and easy to handle techniques make it the most effective tool for producing animation.

  1. Go! Animate

Go! Animate is one of the most commonly known and used online video animation services maker. The tool that facilitates professionals as well as beginners. It is full of top-notch features and tools that can enhance the outlook of your animated video business. The platform provides more than 50 cartoon templates, 20 customized backgrounds, 150 various characters and above all 20 fascinating music tracks.

  1. Xtranormal

Xtranormal is much more like Go Animate the tool is used to creating different explainer videos. You can make enticing whiteboard animation, 2D/3D animation and even a full-fledged stop-motion video. With the stability to drag and drop templates, icons, images and patterns, you can fill your video with unmatched creativity. The tool allows sharing videos and uploading on different platforms. The app has a huge gallery from where you can choose icons, patterns, and images to complete your video.

  1. Wideo

Wideo is absolutely free of cost platform that allows producing basic level animation. It can be your stepping-stone to master the animation techniques. With Wideo, you can learn the ability to produce captivating animated videos for your branding campaigns. With the facility to browse through the personal library, you can effectively experiment whichever idea pops in your mind. It acts more like an instructor to those who want to discover grounds for practicing animation. As animation is among the top techniques to generate potential outcomes, its time you get your hands on this app and enjoy unlimited creation.

Things You Must Consider When Selecting Your App

Your animation-making app must be professional. You have to look deep into what other users tell about the app. You must be careful when selecting your app as it will decide the level of your creativity. Your drawings should look professional with sleek finishing. You need to see if there are any hidden policies or payment criteria. You must check the Google Play Store or App Store ratings.

Sometimes an app looks attractive but once you begin using it you gradually discover a series of loopholes. If you are new to the industry, you must be extra conscious and seek advice from a professional animator. In many cases, an app shows free of cost features but as you sign up a bizarre payment mode appears to haunt your soul.

You have to check the user review and get the app that is valuable and do not fall hard on your budget. One last thing that you must check as to what facility it provides to upload or share a video. Sometimes apps restrict users in uploading content or downloading it.

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