5 Best Website Screenshot Tools in 2022

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Website screenshot tools are exceptionally beneficial for every business. These tools allow you to capture screens of websites and other functional areas. Screenshots are used for several crucial tasks like making tutorial videos, training manuals for new employees and even for presentation slideshows.

For this purpose, website screenshot tools are the best choice. However, before choosing the perfect tool for you, you need to carefully assess your website screenshot tool pricing and the features.

5 Best Website Screenshot Tools

Screenshot tools in 2022 are available in abundance. While choosing your product, you need to take care of certain factors like the website screenshot tool pricing, speed of capture and editability.

Listed below are 5 best screenshot tools that offer the maximum features for your diverse requirements.

1.  SnagIt

Snagit is a paid screen capturing and recording software which even lets you share those images, GIFs or Videos that you captured via various platforms. You can also edit and customize your screenshots according to your needs.

The most notable aspect of this screen capture software is that it offers an inclusive range of features. It allows you to record or capture your entire desktop screen or a portion and view and edit it on different systems (Mac or windows) as it allows cloud storage. It even has multiple smart edit features like annotations and simplify tools.

2.  Screenpresso

This screenshot tool lets you even capture the areas that are scrollable. It is easy to use and captures partial or the whole screen in HD. It comes with a zoom lens to facilitate picture perfect accuracy which is required for detailing.

It provides the purchaser with a built in image editor to support several functionalities like crop and border effects. Moreover, it allows document generation in PDF and HTML format.

It is available in three pricing- free, pro and enterprise. You can choose your package according to your needs.

3.  Skitch

Skitch is a free and user-friendly screen capture and markup software for Mac users. It supports a wide range of formats for your screenshots from JPEG to BMP. It supports several functional capture modes like crosshair, previous snapshot area and menu snapshot.

This website screenshot tool, however, does not offer as many features as the paid applications and might hinder the workflow if you are looking forward to capturing the entire desktop screen or timed screen. Nonetheless, if you are looking for the best free screenshot tool for Mac, Skitch can be considered.

4.  GoFullPage

This is a browser extension which aims at capturing the entire screen of a web page. This tool is available as both, free and premium. If your need for screenshots are specific and limited, you can download the free version, without granting any additional permission.

Both the versions include features like unlimited screen capturing and updated scroll capturing. However, if you want to use advanced features like image cropping and annotating, URL screenshots, PDF page splitting and customer assistance, you shall go for the premium extension.

To use this tool, download the extension on Google chrome and Microsoft edge and click on the icon to capture your screen.

5.  Shutter

This website screen capture tool is extremely beneficial for Linux-based systems such as Ubuntu. It is characterized by a wide range of facilities like capturing sections, screens, websites, menu and many more.

Additionally, Shutter offers a great deal of editing tools for adding text, censoring and even autoincrement of shapes. It lets you upload your screen captures with link-formatting functionality for posting the link generated to wiki, forum and other platforms.

Also, it includes additional plugins to add appealing effects to your screen captures.

Screenshots, nevertheless, are used in various crucial areas, thus you must ensure that the software or extension you are using offers accurate and clear results. The website screenshot tool pricing, shall be looked into to get affordable and proficient results.

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