5 Benefits of Warehouse Longspan Shelving in Melbourne

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Warehouses use longspan shelving in Melbourne to store a wide variety of inventory and stock that consists of different sizes and weights. For example, a warehouse that manufactures funeral accessories will store inventory such as boxes of coffin handles and nails alongside drapery and other various textiles. Each item is different in weight, size and length – yet they all need to be stored in the same storage area.

So, how exactly does longspan shelving make this easy?

  1. Get the most out of your storage space

If there’s one thing that warehouses don’t have enough of, it’s storage space. And not just storage space for storing inventory but also having enough floor space for when staff are accessing inventory. By creating aisles and rows of longspan shelving, warehouses benefit from maximising their storage space while their staff have ample room when conducting their daily tasks.

  2. Simple and easy to maintain

Longspan shelving is very simple and easy to clean and maintain, especially if made from steel end finishing panels and steel shelf inserts. Depending on the nature of the inventory stored such as food or chemical items, steel shelving is very easy to clean and keep sanitised. Due to the open design of longspan shelving, each shelf bay can be easily accessed when cleaning to ensure the shelving system is properly maintained and prevent a build-up of dust.

  3. It is very versatile

A major benefit for warehouses using longspan shelving in Melbourne is that the storage system is very versatile and can adapt easily into the available storage space. This makes it perfect for storing bulky items that can vary in size. As longspan shelving features a slotted angle design, warehouse staff are able to easily make any required beam adjustments or reconfigurations when needed. Longspan shelving can also be incorporated into various other mobile shelving systems depending on storage requirements.

4. Ideal for heavier applications

Typical longspan shelving in Melbourne is designed to hold up to around 950kgs, depending on the manufacturer and is perfect for different applications such as multi-tier and single-tier applications. This is ideal for warehouses that store a large amount of stock that vary in size. Shelf bays can be easily configured to separate smaller and lighter items from heavier objects and also helps warehouses to organise their storage space.

  5. Provides instant access to stored items

Apart from making cleaning and maintenance easier, the open design of longspan shelving also allows instant access to stored items when staff are packing orders. Without any doors or other obstacles, warehouse staff can simply walk up to any shelf bay and retrieve a stored item. This is why longspan shelving in Melbourne is commonly used in warehouses that pick and pack their orders before sending out to customers.

Longspan shelving in Melbourne provides warehouses, as well as offices, art galleries and museums, with many benefits, but it all depends on your specific storage needs. Search online for a storage systems supplier in Australia and find the right storage solution for your exact needs.

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