5 Affordable Wall Decor Ideas That Will Not Burn Holes In Your Pocket

Are you tired of staring at the same wall painting, that has been hanging in your room for it seems like a decade? Or that tiny little wooden space that looks just out of the place is bugging you.

Well, wall décor is the solution to these troubles. Decorating walls with paintings, hanging plant pots, or writing your favorite page of a book on the walls are some ideas, which will brighten up your wall.

These ideas will take a few hours to accomplish, but the outcome will make people think, that you worked hard on them for days. Trust me, a bright, happening and cool wall will freshen up the room, without burning hole in your pocket.

Decorating on a budget is tricky but with a few tricks, it can be done. We have 5 affordable wall décor ideas that will not burn holes in your pocket. These are cost-efficient and in trend giving the boring walls a perfect.

Check these 5 ideas out:

1.  Show off the books to brighten up the built-ins

If you have a spare wall, build a shelf, and put your most favorite books on the shelf.
Mountain ledges are the best way to show off your books on a narrow wall, and that bulky bookcase that takes up a lot of space will not be a problem.
Also, shelves that are built in the walls are of no use, but that doesn’t mean that they have to look boring. Paint a bright color inside it to give it a dramatic look.

2. Plants on the wall

Due to the apartment living systems in the city, having a personal garden is difficult. But not impossible, hanging plants from the wall are the perfect solution.
These hanging pots can be used inside the house on the walls of the dining room or any other room. It will give them a fresh feel and a rustic look.
The perfect place for these hanging pots are the balcony, there are different ways through which hanging pots can be used to decorate a wall. It can give you a beautiful personal garden you always craved for and too according to your budget.

3. Creating a family photo collage

A wall full of memories is something to cherish. A narrow wall in a gallery or a wall in the dining room can be decorated using a collage of family photos. Either a picture collage or different family moments can be framed and put on the walls in a sequence. You can try many photo collage maker tools available online.
A whole wall full of photos will not just give it a new touch but will give a good conversation topic.
Another way to brighten up the family collage is to use a rope to put all photos on it and tie lights around it. At night, push the light switch on, it will give the perfect look to those boring walls.

  1. Light and mirrors for a mysterious effectMirrors are a very innovative idea for wall decors, they are trendy and less heard of. Mix and match different style and sizes of mirrors, and place them on the wall.

They will look splendid, you can even add a bit of lighting on them or place them under a bulb or towards direct sunlight. Doing this would fill the place with light and mystery.
The best part is that you can go for mirrors that fit your pockets instead of fancy ones.

5. Write quotes or your favorite lines of the novel on the wall

This is a cheap and different idea to give walls of your room a different charm.
The quotes that inspire you the most can be written on the walls.
Also, take the best part of your favorite novel and paint them on the walls. It will always bring a smile to your face.

A little tip, a little organization of the old stuff can also give your room and walls a fresh look.

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