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5 Advantages of Equine Laser Therapy

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Equine Laser Therapy can heal , improve, regenerate and repair the tissues in horses . It takes very less time to repair a damages tissue . Some basic uses of Equine Laser Therapy are pain relief, wound healing, treating ligament injuries, neurological injuries and muscle tears.

Classes of  Laser

Lasers are classified according to the energy of the beam and wavelength of the rays emitted . The classes don’t define the efficiency of the treatment . These are categorized in 4 classes :

Class 1 : Class 1 radiations are not capable of producing harmful rays that can damage skin or eyes.

Class 2: Class 2 laser emits radiation in a visible portion of the spectrum . These can harm the eyes if seen directly for a long time.

Class 3a: It does not produce any injury if viewed momentarily with unaided eyes .

Class 3b: It can cause severe injury if viewed directly or specular reflections .

Class 4: This can start fire and damage the skin. It is harmful to eyes if viewed directly , specular reflection or even diffused reflection .

The damage done by laser treatment cannot be healed easily . So you should always be careful before choosing the right laser therapy for your horse.

Therapeutic Laser Therapy

For equine , laser therapy is mostly done with class 3b or class 4 lasers . According to the research class 3B laser is best for therapeutic  application and class 4 is best for treating tissue destruction . Class 3b laser have a wavelength of 950 nm and class 4 laser have a wavelength  of 980 nm.

Advantages of Equine Laser Therapy

  • Reduces Pain –  Laser treatment heals the problems in a very less time which reduces pain in very less time.
  • Heals wound – Laser treatment heals open wounds in a very less time .
  • Painless treatment – The process of laser therapy is painless and reduces the existing pain too.
  • No drug interaction – Treating the issues using laser therapy keeps your animal away from drugs. Wounds or any other issue treated using laser therapy does not require intake of any kind of drug .
  • Best alternative for patients – It provides an alternative for animals that have not responded to any other  therapies.

Equine Injuries

Horses have two tendons – extensor and flexor. These two tendons are located on the front and back of the fore and hind limbs. These are very important body parts of horses. If these face any kind of injury or pain then  health of the horse can deteriorate within no time . If these tendons have any kind or pain or injury it can be easily detected and treated by Equine Laser Machine which helps in reducing the pain and treat the injury within no time and gives instant relief to the horse . Issues related to spine, bone and tissues can be easily treated by giving this laser therapy to the horse. It also helps in reducing inflammation and heals even deep wound in very few applications.

How to choose the Laser ?

Choosing the right Equine Laser Machine is very important for Equine Laser Therapy . Right machine does not depend on the price of the machine . For choosing the right machine one should know the problem of the horse and should choose a laser that do not harm the horse and is powerful enough to treat the injury . Class 3B lasers are best suited for horses . With class 3b laser there will be no harm to the horse and this laser is powerful enough to heal the injuries of the horse .

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