4×4 Sand-Buggy Options To Enjoy Sand Dune Adventures

Sand buggies are vehicles that are designed to work efficiently on dirt terrains. These are also used to explore sand dune terrains and beach coastlines. These are buggies that are designed to run at very high speeds on impossible terrains.

It certainly is true to call these vehicles as the best adventure vehicle. Today, you can easily rent a nice sand buggy to enjoy and explore any type of terrain at your convenience. You can find many dealers who are willing to rent out these buggies for a cheaper price.

You can rent any number of buggies you want for your vacation along with your family. The selection can be made from amongst different types available in the market. Each type is very distinct from every other sand buggy.

Top picks in the rental markets

When searching the rental market for a best sand dune buggy, you may come across different types of options available. Some popular picks are included here in this article.

  1. Manx (Meyers)Manx certainly is considered as best pick off road dune buggy Dubai amongst adventure lovers. You get to experience best 4 by 4 ride through the coastal lines and sand dunes. The vehicle is considered as the remake of Beetle version in the form of a buggy vehicle.When renting this vehicle, you get to explore the difficult terrains sitting comfortably inside the string chassis of steel caged vehicle. You can make a selection from one that is modified to suit your needs.
    1. Viper 110 CC

    This certainly is termed as the buggy for tough adventure-loving individuals. It is an ideal choice for an off-road experience. The buggy is also available for rentals for cheaper price and is powered by a specially designed four-cylinder engine.

    The vehicle is designed to reach a top speed of 70 mph even in some of the most difficult terrains. The 1102 lbs vehicle is designed to run non-stop burning out nearly 11 gallons of fuel within a few hours.

    If you are looking around for best sand dune experience then Viper should be your best choice.

    1. T-1500 Sand sniper

    This vehicle certainly can be considered as the best option for first-time riders. The external body is well balanced and offers with a very controlled ride up and down the dunes. The vehicle still needs a lot of tutorials before you can ride it on your own.

    The master engine is powered by 108 Horsepower and is an ideal choice for two people at a time. So if you are exploring this terrain with your friend then this is the best option for buggy adventures Dubai.

    1. XYZ-1000R

    This certainly is the best option for new riders as it is also available in 2 WD and 4 WD models. The dune buggy is ideal for creating a distinct mark with its 98 cc powerful engine and 90 Horse powers. The vehicle is also equipped with the best set of brakes that is best for emergency conditions.

    The ride is also best for teens who are just getting started with their sand dune buggy adventure. You can easily rent this version from any dealer who offers with rental options.

    1. Turbo Polaris

    This is yet another powerful sand dune buggy that is the first choice for any sand dune explorer. The machine is termed as a mean machine as it is powered by a specialized 168 Horsepower engine. The engine is also of much bigger size and certainly drinks a lot of fuel as it is 925 cc engine type.

    The turbocharged vehicle is an ideal choice for anyone who is professional with handling these mean machines.

    1. X3X Maverick

                                                                  Buggy adventures Dubai

Image source: https://cdn.hiconsumption.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Can-Am-Maverick-X3-X-rs-Turbo-R.jpg

When purchasing this machine you may have to invest a minimum of 8 K USD while rental is always the best option available. The new models of this vehicle certainly are upgraded versions of the old machines. This is also the best option for dirt terrain and off-road experiences.

The best part is that this vehicle can easily be customized as per your requirements. You can try and rent one that is best suited for you to explore sand terrains.

Apart from these above options, there are other options available for enjoying Buggy adventures Dubai. To get started you just need to select the one that is the right fit for you.

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