4 Ways Boiling Waterproof Plywood Can Benefit Your Construction Project

Construction projects or remodelling of the home can be tiring and tricky. Most architects and interior designers have a bend toward using plywood as the core material for furniture, interior, and exteriors. Let’s first understand what plywood is. Plywood is an engineered board made up of layers of wood veneers and bonded under high temperatures and pressure to add strength and durability. Further, plywood has two categories, one being commercial grade and the second being water resistance grade.

Most of the exteriors and interiors interacting with a high moisture environment should be made up of water-resistance plywood. BWP stands for Boiling Waterproof plywood, which comes under the category of water resistance plywood. It is suitable for areas with constant interaction with water and moisture. Your kitchen counter deals with many occasional floods of curries and accidental drops of boiling water, your dining table is the most controversial and crucial area of your house and talking about the bathroom, it is the metaphorical existence of the ocean in your house. Using premium quality plywood for the construction of these interior spaces is a must. And with no second thoughts, boiling waterproof plywoods are the best pick. Let’s look at the benefits of boiling waterproof plywoods.


  1. Chemically engineered
  2. Unbeatable strength and light weighted
  3. Increased dimensional stability
  4. High resistance

Chemically engineered

BWP-grade plywood is made of plastic resins, especially phenolic and synthetic resins. The boiling waterproof plywood is appropriate to withstand prolonged water exposure. Here each layer of wood veneer is glued together under high temperatures and pressure. These wood veneers are placed on the right angle to the adjacent layers. Boiling waterproof plywoods are suitable for the making of kitchens, dining areas, and bathrooms.

Unbeatable strength and lightweight

When designing the furniture first thing that comes to mind is to choose a premium quality product that is durable and provides a long life span to the furniture. Boiling waterproof plywood is the winning bet to create reliable and strong furniture. As Boiling water plywoods remain unharmed by moisture and water, these are the perfect pick for exteriors. Thousands of plies of wood veneers are glued together by using pre-pressuring techniques to make sure plywood is durable and strong enough to deal with harsh weather conditions. As plywood is chemically engineered, the quality is best, and it is incredibly light weighted. It comes with a super smooth finish, and it is easily workable during the process of post-lamination and post-forming. Due to the cross-laminated structure of these boiling waterproof plywoods, the strength is almost twice the strength of normal plywood.

Increased dimension stability

As boiling waterproof plywood is made up of high-quality raisins and bonded using techniques of cold press technology, two-way pressuring techniques, etc. increases the stability and laminar structure of plywoods allowing it to retain its original state and form. The best benefit of Boiling waterproof plywood is the dimensional stability. These plywoods are made up of high-quality resins, and bound high-quality adhesives are used to bestow uniform strength and durability.


Boiling waterproof plywoods are stronger and more durable. Phenolic resins and laminar structure are the pioneers of the high resistance of boiling waterproof plywood. The cross-grain structure ensures dimensional stability, and this plywood holds a high screw holding capacity.

The Bottom Line

These were a few benefits of boiling waterproof plywoods. Now let’s dive into the market of the best Boiling waterproof plywoods available. The best pick among the plywood in India is Sainik710 boiling waterproof plywood. This is premium quality and affordable BWP grade plywood available. Sainik710 uses ACC treatments and a unique GLP treatment that gives strong immunity from termites and borers.

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