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4 Things You Can do When Your Cell Phone Screen Cracks

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You know that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, as you watch your cellphone slowly hit the ground and crack? Well, most of you have experienced this feeling at least once in your life it seems. However, even when the glass cracks, fortunately sometimes the cellphone is still working.

But, with the glass ruined your cell phone’s aesthetics go down the drain. So, you might be thinking about what should be done now? Should you opt for searching for a company that sells cell phone repair parts or is there any other way out?

Well, this is where today’s blog can help you out! So, sit tight and check out your options!

  1. Check Insurance Options

Often certain phone companies offer the option of covering insurance for cracked cell phone screens. So, find out whether your phone company does the same. In case they do, submit your phone to the service center and leave it for a few days to get it fixed.

Now, you might have to reside without the phone for a few days, but the good news is your phone will soon be good as new, with minimal money spent.

  1. DIY Tips Might be Handy 

If you have basic knowledge of tech gadgets then this option can come in handy. So, instead of panicking, search for DIY tips to fix a cracked cell phone screen. You will find blogs that offer step by step solution of how to fix a cracked screen.

However, when dealing with DIY, the best option is to go for videos as these offer more insight and clarity. Nevertheless, depending on your cell phone brand, ensure that the DIY steps do not backfire. Only opt for DIY after conducting thorough research on the repairing tips.

  1. Use a Temporary Phone 

Often when your current phone screen cracks the best option is to send it to a service center for repair. However, it can be tough to go without a phone for a few days, correct? Thus, the best option at that time is to take out your sim card and input it in an old phone you have.

You can either do that or talk to a relative or two to borrow a smartphone for a few days. This will prevent you from facing issues at work or at home.

  1. Invest in a Cell Phone Glass 

Another good idea to invest in finding a company that sells cell phone repair parts. You can search for this company online, and you’ll surely find tons of websites that offer repair parts like glasses, batteries, covers and more.

These companies even sell glasses for designated brands, so you can find a cellphone glass that resembles your phone. For example, suppose you have an iPhone X, then you can search online by using the keyword, “iPhone X glass parts”.

This will surely showcase the results of companies that sell iPhone X repair parts.

On that note, now that you’re aware of the 4 things to do when your cell phone glass cracks, opt for these plausible solutions now!


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