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4 Great Ideas To Achieve An Efficient & Convenient Laundry Room In A Small Space

The challenge of living in a small space are several but that does not mean that you cannot pull off the best living experience out of it. With some smart adjustments and purchase of unique items, you can create the best tiny home living experience.

Now some of the things which you think is only possible in huge apartments such as a laundry room can even be achieved in a small spaced home. All you need is a creative push and some genuine effort to put it all together.

So without wasting any more time, let us get started with some great ideas that can help you attain a full-functional laundry room in your small apartment.

1.Use smart appliances

Now you may have created a space for washing your clothes and called it a laundry room. But is your laundry room complete without a ironing board? No right!

So how can you fit a long ironing board in your constricted laundry room space? Well, purchase a smart home furniture item such as a wall mounted drop down ironing board.

This is a perfect item that can be fitted easily in a constricted space. With the drop down feature, the ironing board can be stored in an upright position that too in a closet. Therefore, saving you space and providing you convenience. Smart home appliances are like the Holy Grail for a small space apartment.

2.Add a few shelves

Now if you don’t have a scope to include the laundry machine behind the door or built-in countertops, all you can do is replace and add shelf on top of it instead.

Addition of shelf shrouds the machine making the look and layout of the room more organized and maintained. Plus, you will get some extra space to do your laundry related work on top of that added shelf.

3.Paint it all with fun and one color

One smart move and you can totally transform your small laundry room into something that you never imagined before. Try to paint all of the items of your laundry room with fun pastel color that looks elegant and makes everything in the room pop.

Don’t forget to choose a single color for all of the items whether it is the countertops, shelves, closets, etc. This will make your limited space look spacious compared to what a mixture of colors can do.

4.Install wall hooks

Now making things convenient in a small space is the first priority right. By installing a few wall hooks and making use of hanging laundry bags is what can you do for your small laundry room.

Make sure to paint those hooks with the same color as your wall is painted so that they blend well with your laundry room layout.

Such small yet significant ideas can make use of your limited space into a convenient laundry room. From using a wall mounted drop down ironing board to installing wall hooks, each of these ideas can make a well-functional and sleek looking laundry room in a small space itself.

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