4 Custom Coin Design Details You Should Never Miss

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Custom challenge coins are detailed pieces with a lot of effort gone into its design. The right colors, the right text, and an enticing style, all go into making a coin unique and unforgettable. However, a small error, a mistake in spelling, or unrecognizable font, can break your design.

So, if you have created you challenge coin design and want to place an order, it would be a wise decision to double-check everything to make sure that everything is in place and you are getting a unique coin in your hands.

If you want to buy custom challenge coins, you can contact us. We produce unique and attractive coins as per your design and requirements. We can also help you with the design part if you want us to.

But before placing an order, you should go through these four details to save yourself from any unnecessary hassles in the future.

Text, Font, and Typography

While designing your challenge coin, you’ll want to make its design nothing less than perfect. But in all that excitement, it’s easy to miss out on the details of your written text. A spelling mistake, no matter how small it is, will create embarrassment for the designer, that’s you.

So, always make sure that all spellings are correct and you maintain the typography that you want in your coin.

Finding spelling mistakes can be hard for the manufacturers because all that they know is it’s you who have created the design and it should be rigorously followed.

So, always double-check for spelling errors and any typographical errors that might have escaped your eyes at the first go.


It’s hard to picture what your actual challenge coin dimensions will be and what it will look like once you have it in your hands. Even if you get a full-color art proof, it can still be misguiding. So, pull out a ruler and check how big your coin will be before placing an order. Doing this will help you get a clearer picture of how your custom challenge coin will look once you get it on your hands.

Checking your coin’s dimensions is especially important if you are not sure whether your coin will be too big or not. Large coins can be great when you want to make an impact on the receiver. But coins with dimensions 6” or greater might be difficult to fit in a standard pocket.

So, always check the dimensions and make sure the coin you are ordering meets your requirements perfectly.


One of the most important parts of a challenge coin design is incorporating details like an organization’s logo and color scheme. Any error in that can result in a catastrophe. While creating a stunning visual is important, the color scheme of an organization will visually represent all that the company holds dear. So, any error in the emblem or color scheme will make it look like that the coin is not built for them. So, to avoid this, it’s always wise to double-check for any errors that might have remained unnoticed.


Do not underestimate or overestimate the number of challenge coins you’ll need. Be clear about whom you are going to present a coin to and order keeping that number in mind. Ordering too few can make the cost of each coin to go higher. Or ordering too many might create issues with the budget that you have in mind.

These are the four factors that you should always check before you place an order for your custom challenge coins. If you are looking for a place to buy custom challenge coins, you can contact us. We can and do make excellently built, high-quality coins that delight the recipient.

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