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3 Reasons Your Little One Should Use a Balance Bike

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Ever since you had a little girl 2 years back, you dreamt of taking her out to the moors and teaching her how to ride a bike. Well, now that your little one is almost 3 and brimming with energy, you totally think she is ready to learn bike riding.

Well, thankfully it’s Christmas, so what’s a better time to teach her how to ride a bike than now! After all, it’s the holiday season, which signifies ‘quality family time’.

Now, if your child is just about to learn the ropes of bike riding then it is crucial that don’t push her too hard. For starters, what you can do is buy her a kids balance bike

This balance bike helps in building confidence and eases a child into the art of maneuvering a bicycle. On that note, let’s talk about the 3 reasons your little girl can benefit from riding a balance bike!

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  1. Basic Development of Motor Skills 

As per Kid Sense Child Development, it is crucial that a child learns preliminary coordination and balance to protect himself/herself from potential injuries. This is why the best option out there for kids is balance bikes.

These help a kindergartener understand the basics of motor skills and slowly improves their balance and focus. What’s more? These balance bikes prevent excessive accidents or injuries, which might harm a practicing toddler too!

  1. Exercise 

The number of unhealthy toddlers circulating the US and Australia is skyrocketing. Today, as most parents leave their toddlers to babysitters or nannies, most of these kids don’t go out to play. As a result, these infants indulge in tons of unhealthy habits like eating excess junk food or watching television continuously.

This leads to excessive weight gain, which makes a toddler tired easily. What’s more? Early obesity also increases the risk of brain and body development.

However, if a child uses a balance bike, he/she can play on it, move on it, and as in turn exercise. Additionally, when toddlers ride a balance bike all that brimming energy is put to good use. Therefore, the body stays healthy too!

  1. Easy to Move to Peddle Bikes 

When you were a child you must have learned to ride a bike. Remember, when you rode without pedals and ended up with a scraped knee and bloody teeth? Well, that is something you want to protect your little girl from, right?

Thus, for starters, it is best to gift her a balance bike. She can learn the ropes on a balance bike to easily transition to a pedal bike. Now, the ideal time to gift your child a balance bike is (18 months – 24 months).

If a child starts using a pedal bike early then by the age of 3-4 years she can somewhat manage to ride a pedal bike.

Well, there you go! These 3 reasons clarify why a kids balance bike is ideal for your tiny bundle of joy. So, hurry and find a toy shop selling the cutest balance bikes for your little one now!


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