Top Picks for Women's Sunglasses in Summer

3 Important Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing Sunglasses

The choice of the best sunglasses is essential to be perfectly protected when the weather returns or to go skiing.

In good weather, the purchase of the cheapest sunglasses grows exponentially. In the choice, the color of the lenses does matter. However, it is something that goes according to the fashion of the moment. The truth is that each hue serves one thing and one type of eye. These are the keys and recommendations of the expert.

Model and color of the frame of the style sunglasses, whether it is a mirror or not, infinite possibilities come together to form an extensive market of possibilities when it comes to choosing sunglasses.

Important things to keep in mind when choosing sunglasses

  • What protection and what form? The protection index is the main criterion to take into account when choosing your fashion sunglasses. Choose a degree of protection suited to your needs:
  • categories 0 and 1 hardly provide protection and are mainly of aesthetic interest;
  • category two is rather reserved for low sunshine or as indoor glasses for people very sensitive to light;
  • category 3 is sufficient for driving or sunbathing on your terrace (normal sunshine situations);
  • Category 4 is ideal for situations of strong sunshine: sea, mountain, outdoor sports, etc.

 Regarding the shape of the sunglasses:

Choose a frame adapted to the shape of your face. Choose online spectacles that impeccably cover the eyes and their contours. The choice of glasses themselves is also important when buying sunglasses. Below are a few options of material suitable for the use you will have of your glasses:

  • silica glasses for city dwellers: they resist scratches fairly well but little against shocks (unless specific treatment) 
  • Plastic glasses: much less fragile, intended for athletes and children, and goggles for men.
  • polarizing: avoids reverberation;
  • infrared filter: better sun protection;
  • Anti-scratch, shockproof, etc.

Lens Color:

  • Browns and oranges dim the light: perfect for sensitive eyes;
  • Gray and black are well suited for people with vision problems;
  • Men’s sunglasses that are of different colors (pinks, blues, etc.) do not sufficiently protect the eyes.
  • If you suffer from vision problems and you wear contact lenses, choose simple lenses for your sunglasses.
  • If you wear prescription glasses, opt for corrective lenses instead.

Where to buy your sunglasses?

Once you have a clear idea of what type of sunglasses you are looking for, it’s time to buy:

  • Before, buy your glasses from an optician or a sports store to be sure you have effective protection. On the other hand, buy only professional guarantees sunglasses of CE standards.
  • It is essential to avoid counterfeits: they do not protect your eyes against the sun’s rays.

It is better to go to the store rather, as you can try the model there, make sure it is comfortable, and have the branches adjusted if necessary.

Conclusion: Sunglasses are that essential accessories that can never be missing from luggage for the holidays. But before choosing the ideal model, you have to know several important things.

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