3 Effective Printing Tips to Keep In Mind for an Art Catalog

It is a fact that catalogs play a vital role in promotions. Other than being used by brands and companies to uphold their products or services, catalogs have, today more than ever, turned out to be one of the most effective print means for artists to showcase their talent as artwork as well. Moreover, the advent of inexpensive Publishing houses, which print high-quality catalogs, has made it even easier to opt for this method of promotion.

In this blog, we shall be talking about catalog printing from the angle of art. Or, to speak more properly, about art catalogs. Now, there are many things which we need to keep in mind while designing and printing an art catalog. An art catalog is quitedifferent from a regular catalog.While a regular catalog is more inclined towards a more professional appearance targeted for the audience, an art catalog aims to showcase the artist and his or her art.

There are many catalog printing services that offer high-quality inks for print along with strong print materials. This further helps in uplifting the contents of the catalog thus giving the artist the required stage to showcase all the intended artwork.

Here are 3 things you need to keep in mind when printing an art catalog:

  1. Pre-project checklist-

Focus: The most important facet of your art catalog printing is your focus on the subject. In spite of incorporating all your work, narrow it down to a particular genre. This will help your audience to not get overwhelmed.

High-quality images:High-quality images are a sign of professionalism. This characteristic also allows showing off your piece of work in all its detail just as it deserves.

  1. The Content-

Cover:The cover of your catalog plays a vital role in giving shape to your content. It is the cover that creates the first impression for the audience and thus it is important to have a cover that only has a strong subject of attraction but also a strong finish.There are many online printing services that have lots of options for cover material and finishoptions based on what your choice e.g. matte, gloss, uncoated, UV coating and many more. Moreover, the cover page also carries your name and the title of your collection; all the more reason why you should have a stylish and unique catalog cover.

Inner Pages:These are what will carry your work of art i.e. the images and texts. Naturally, you would want to have them provide the best outlook. Opt for a clean and modern font without being cursive which might make it difficult to read. The pictures of your artwork should be of high-definition and detailed to the last bit. Your audience should be concentrating on the artwork and not on what is written. You can also if you want,add stories associated with the pictures next to them.

Many services of online printing let you choose the finish you want to have for your inner pages as well. They can be uncoated or matte (matte allows for a writeable surface). You can also print your inner pages in black&white if your art has a monochrome flavor to it.

  1. Prices-

 If your catalog is a display of your paintings, then you would surely have their prices mentioned too. A better way to incorporate the prices is to insert a brochure carrying them. While the catalog will give the audience a true sense of the artworks, the brochure will be a more succinct way of providing them the prices for which they are being sold (if at all).

Art catalog printing is a whole different ball game than a regular catalog printing. It involves incorporating the artist’s mindset and not the audience. And for this, it is essential to have a catalog printing company that fulfills all the requirements mentioned above and in the perfect manner just as the artist deserves.

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