3 Easy Ways to Make Animation Faster

3 Easy Ways to Make Animation Faster

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Animation has steered its way into many major industries and fields. When it comes to digital marketing, animation has positioned itself as one of the leading branding technique. With animation, you can make your logos instant attention-grabbing, websites even more appealing and can lessen your burden of spreading your brand’s message. It really livens up your branding campaigns and gives a boost to overall performance in the online world.

Animation has evolved greatly over the years. Back then, it was only used to make funny cartoon series to amuse children; however, now animation is used to entertain people of all ages. It is a fruitful technique for marketers and a source of fun for online viewers who cannot stop themselves from sharing interesting videos even if those videos are entirely based on the promotion of a particular product or brand. If the content is good (including animation quality) and the video is appealing, it is meant to get viral in no time.

Considering the rising fame and unignorably significance of animation, you must gear up with some of the powerful techniques that can help you make quick animation without much hassle. Here is a list of the best three most useful tips that can let you animate whatever you want. Read on!

Story/ Plot

The most important part of an animated video is its story. In the whiteboard animation video production, the entire plot holds the attention of viewers and play the major role in infusing the rich meanings and message into the viewer’s mind. The video must be kept compelling, so you have to think of an easy-to-grasp plot, one that can quickly deliver the right meaning across the customers.

You have to write the content with a question in the beginning, if you are addressing a new service of yours or a new line of product. In this case, you can grab the attention and gradually guide them about the solution, which will be your product/services in the end. You have to target the main problem your audience is facing or going through. In this way, you will be able to connect with your viewers and they will find your solution worth paying attention to.

Storyboard Making

The second most important step involves storyboard making. You have to unleash your creative side and take a command over your skills to draw appealing artwork. Your storyboard is the most important backbone of your video. The more compelling your storyboard is the better productivity your video can generate. You have to divide your storyboard into different frames where each movement must be showcased in a particular frame.

You can seek inspiration from the leading animators and check their work to get some motivation. As your storyboard is the importance of the video, therefore, it ought to be good and appropriate. From characterization to adding the different elements and feel, your work must reflect professionalism.


The third step involves animation. You have to turn the storyboard into a captivating animated video. You have to animate the individual frames and add detailing in each frame. Once the frames are all animated, you have to set the time for each one of them. Upon playing altogether, the motion is displayed. That’s what is called animation. Now the major important part is detailing. You have to create fine lines and proper curves and for this, you can seek help from different online tools. You can choose the leading names to get your work completed.

You can use Canva, Animatron and various curve makers. For each aspect, there is a particular tool available on the internet. You just have to scroll through the list and pick the bets on for your work. Animation involves different stages. You have to first make the illustration where the storyboard is converted into the digitally illustrated story after that the voice over is added, a background is chosen and the colors are selected. If it’s about your brand, then keep the uniformity intact. You have to make the right selection of colors, like those already existed in the brand identity.

Moreover, if it’s about a product description, then you have to keep the feel of your animated video enchanting and fulfilled.

Wrapping Up

Follow these three quick techniques and do wonders with your video.

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