3 Easy-to-make Keto Salads to Try Out

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Keto diet is not something new that you have heard of. In fact, it is one of the popular diets that many celebrities have tried to show some promising results. Provided they are followed under the guidance of an expert nutritionist.

The popularity of keto diet is so much that there are several keto restaurant Montreal and in other locations that offer healthy keto rich food. But if you have the knack to make your own food rather than ordering then how about trying out some easy-to-make keto salads.

Below we have listed some salad recipes that are low on carbs and loaded with good fats making it a keto proof food. Continue to read along and learn them to make it from scratch.

1. The classic grilled chicken salad

Go for the classics as it is one of the easiest keto salads you can try out that won’t disappoint. High on protein and loaded with good fat ingredients like avocado, olive oil, etc. this one is an easy and delicious salad to make.

First take the chicken preferably chicken thighs and coat them generously with some salt, freshly grind pepper, thyme and garlic. Heat some extra virgin olive oil on medium-high flame then add the chicken into it.

Cook it thoroughly and once done take it off from the heat. Toss in some nicely chopped cucumbers and lettuce. Diced cherry tomatoes, olives, avocado, olives as per the serving. Make sure the chicken is cool when tossing in these ingredients.

Finish it off by drizzling some red wine vinegar and some olive oil as per your choice. A perfect combination of flavours and keto rich food to add in your diet.

2. Simple pesto-baked salmon salad

What if we say you can make this salad in under 20 minutes and yet tastes delicious? Well, this pesto-baked salmon salad will be an instant hit among everyone, even the ones who are not following keto diet.

Start by preheating the oven at 200℃ and grease the baking tray with some oil. Make a pesto sauce, rub it on your salmon and place it in a preheated oven with the skin down. Season the salmon before baking with some salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Now bake it off for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, place some spinach on your serving dish and give it a drizzle of olive oil. This will add some crunch and freshness to the salad. Place the salmon on top of it and you are done.

Enjoy a hearty pesto-baked salmon salad with your family and friends.

3. Green and purely vegan kale salad

If you are vegan then this keto salad recipe is just for you. Although keto diets are always associated with animal-based dishes you can make it adaptable as per your vegan choices as well.

Take a large mixing bowl and add roughly chopped kale. Add some olive oil and give the kale leaves a good massage with it. You’ll see the kale has softened. Once you reach this stage then add in pine nuts and avocados.

Squeeze in some lemon juice and season it with pepper salt combo. Serve it up right away and eat this scrumptious salad.


So, what are you waiting for? Try out these recipes now and say yes to a keto-friendly diet. You can always visit keto restaurant Montreal and in other location options for some delicious keto proof food.

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