3 common carpeting mistakes and the solutions

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So you want your house to look like that of the celebrities. Yet, when you try to decorate it with top-notch designs and decor pieces, it looks odd. This is especially true when you try to experiment with carpets and rugs. There are usually a handful of mistakes that you are making but there is no one to assist you in the process. Hence, you end up making those mistakes anyway.

When it comes to decorating the house with lush goedkope hoogpolige vloerkleden, you will have to note the following points and not make the same mistake again.

Carpeting mistakes 101

1.Carpet flooring

 Have you considered pinning the carpets permanently to the non-polished floor of your house? Get rid of such ideas if you have made the mistake of imagining this scenario. Carpeting the entire floor, pinned to all of the sides is a terrible idea! Not only do you condemn your family members to be extra careful inside the house, but you also create an unnecessarily weary routine for yourself.

The cleaning process of a carpet that is pinned on all corners and attached on the sides is hectic. Spots from liquid spilling are hard to get rid off and honestly, the professional charges are way too much. The floor has to completely stripped and then it needs special steaming. Sounds like a lot right? Practically it is much worse! Instead, choose the moderne tapijten which are going to be a luxury item that can be cleaned occasionally and will be easy to maintain. Also, they will look much classy than a floor completely covered in dull carpet.

2.Wrong size

The real trick is to purchase a vintage vloerkleed goedkoop by looking at the size and comparing it to the room that you are going to place it in. This means that you have to look at the total size of the room and compare it to the size proportion of the carpet in concern.

For a clear example consider your living room or, the sitting room. What are the basic furnishing pieces in that room? A couch set, a television stand, maybe an ottoman and a coffee table. These are the maximum important and regular pieces of furniture In any give sitting are. You could even have lesser items. Anyway, now consider the spacing of the carpet that you are going to purchase irrespective of the placement of the television table. That is because such tables are additional furniture pieces that you are not going to sit on.

For your information, the carpet needs to be laid only underneath the area where you and your guests are likely to place their feet. This means that the ideal place on the floor that should be covered by the vloerkleed goedkoop is the center portion in between the couches. Also, if you are purchasing a low pile carpet, then it’s surface area can be a little bigger than the deep pile fluffy carpets. That way, you can even place the sofa set, coffee table and ottoman on the body of the carpet.

This is a very small but defined area where you can mess up on the carpet size by purchasing a carpet that covers most of the flooring space. The same is for the bedroom. Place the carpet only on such a surface near to the bed or an area completely covering up the space of the bed.


Deep pile or low pile? Whereas selection is concerned, you will have to decide what goes with the entire decor of the house rather than choosing a goedkope hoogpolige vloerkleden because it looks pretty. In fact, there are many different kinds of stitching and material to make the pick. Always compare the sizes and designs with the comprehensive decor of the room. That way, you will know for sure whether the choice that you are making is accurate or not.

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