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Milk is known as a complete food for the body that is why a baby starts drinking milk from the very first day he is born. Did you ever wonder what nutritional value does milk contains which helps an infant to develop in his initial years. It contains calcium, potassium, minerals, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, fat, and what not which is required by human body for complete growth. Not only for kids it is good for adults and senior citizens as well. In fact, drinking milk all your life is what suggested by experts and why not drink milk daily it is complete food for our body in this fast forward generation where people don’t have enough time to have proper meals due to their busy life. Therefore, below are benefits of milk of which you might not be aware of, which would make you drink milk willingly in your daily life.

Strong bones

Milk contains calcium which is a factor in development of infants because they have a fragile body. Not only for infants it is required by adults and especially by senior citizens because in old age your bones become weak by working hard all through your life. Deficiency of vitamin D leads to lack of calcium in your body so in order to have stronger bones drink milk regularly.

Healthy muscles

Milk helps in recovering the energy you lost while working and exercising. It helps in building your muscles stronger and regain energy. It helps to recover from the joint pains that might occur in your old age. it contains casein which is a slow digesting protein which helps you lose fat and repairs muscles.

Glowing face

Milk contains lactic acid which helps in reducing pigmentation, hydrates the skin, relieves sunburn or sun tan, heals acne and dry skin. And drinking cold milk early in morning keeps you dehydrated. Raw milk doe wonders to your face, all you have to do is dab a cotton ball in raw milk apply it to your face and leave it for five minutes to dry, then scrub it gently and rinse it off for clear skin or you can also use it in the same way after washing face as moisturiser. It also lightens your skin colour and shrinks pores, and makes your skin glowing, soft and shiny.

Hair growth

Drinking milk daily can help you reduce hair fall because it contains protein and which is essential for strength of your hair. Applying raw milk on your scalp can help hair growth and strengthen your hairs as well. It can be used as conditioner as well, it will leave your hair soft and shiny. It treats your rough and dry hair only by rubbing it on your scalp and washing it off after 15minutes.

Helps in hydration

Milk helps you keep your body hydrated, hot milk after exercise helps you regain your lost energy and keeps you active all day long. It acts as a charger to your body because battery gets down i.e. our body gets tired after working out and extremely sweating in gym, and milk as a boost up to our body.

Better sleep

Milk contains amino acid which helps in keeping your mind calm and soothes your nerves because a calm mind will lead to sound sleep and better sleep will lead to a refreshing morning for your body. As resting is a key factor for working actively another day which is not possible for everyone to have, thus experts suggests to have hot milk before going to bed.

Strong teeth

Milk is rich in calcium which not only helps your bones to become stronger but also prevents your teeth from periodontal i.e. gum disease and keeps your jaw healthy and stronger. Milk reduces the acidity of plaque on the teeth and prevents from developing cavities or caries as well.

Keeps your heart healthy

Milk consists of calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D which is good for health of your heart. It can help you getting rid of heart diseases as it lowers high blood pressure and reduces risk of strokes. Calcium helps in reducing cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis.

Fights cancer

Drinking milk regularly can help those people to fight more from colon cancer. According studies people who have milk in their diet tend to live longer in comparison to those who do not drink milk or milk products.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet is incomplete without milk, whether you drink juices or not but you must drink a glass of milk before going to bed or early in the morning, as it will help you feel full and work actively all day long. It is a good supplement to those who prefer liquid diet or do not have strong teeth to have solid food.

Our ancestors were always right, drink milk twice a day to live longer and healthy! Also make sure to grab the best of Flipkart deals and Flipkart offers.


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