2021’s Best Men’s Hair Styles & Cuts

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Fashion is not limited to girls or boys alone, especially when it comes to hairstyles. Currently, there are many varieties available for men’s haircuts and hairstyles that are attractive, stylish, and masculine. The salon experts consider the preferences of their clients and opt for styles based on hair texture and face shape. Many of these cuts are easy to maintain and do not require too much styling.

In the context of the best hairstyles and haircuts for men, here is a list of the most notable options in 2021.

Best types of haircuts/hairstyles for men

1.      Textured crop haircut

This short style is a favorite of many gentlemen due to the simple look and quick styling option. The hair near the top is short and there is fading in the sides. This is styled with either a wax or matte pomade.

The French crop version of the textured crop hairstyle involves the top part cut while the sides are trimmed with hair clippers. For the best look, keeping the hairstyle flat with some fringe in the front is adequate.

2.      Mohawk and faux hawk hairstyle

This combines the faux hawk hairstyle and the mohawk look together for a modern low-maintenance but statement haircut. The transition here is gradual between the shaved sides and the long top hair. Plus, a noticeable long hair strip runs down through the middle.

3.      Comb over + Fade style

This bold look involves a deep parting to the side which adds height and contrast. The low faded cut in the back and sides is usually distinct. In this hairstyle for men, many stylists utilize low-shine pomade for controlled texture.

4.      Quiff haircut

In a quiff haircut, the sides have a skin fade appearance while the top hair is kept extra-long. While this hairstyle looks great, clients have to consider the intense styling efforts that go into maintaining this cut.

Every day you have to towel-dry your hair and use either wax, pomade, or, use high-heat-set blow-drying. If you want a messy look, you can use the products mentioned throughout. Then, brush back your hair and blow-dry it, combing your hair with fingers thereafter.

5.      Medium side-swept style

To note, this style looks best with a full beard. For men with 3-5-inch-long thick hair, this style is suitable. It only requires one to brush the hair in one direction with a medium-hold pomade for a matte finish or low shine.

6.      Short comb over + Undercut style

This styling combo works for men with 3 inches of hair length or longer.  The sides and back here are buzzed, the top hair is kept long with sharp edging, and a long fringe towards the front. Adding matte pomade before brushing the hair is ideal.

7.      Long top, short sides haircut + beard

Keep the hair towards the top long and add a faded cut in the sides. For the best look, keep a full beard as well. Slicking the hair back gives off a classy appearance here. Also, it is best to maintain the beard well with wax, balm, and beard oil.

8.      Pompadour style

It looks a lot like the quiff hairstyle. However, in the modern pompadour version, men get an undercut as well. Stylists use strong hair products, comb, and blow dryers here. The first step is to apply the pomade or wax, and then comb the hair back for volume. Blow drying helps with the shaping.

9.      Tapered haircut

Unlike most other faded looks, the sides here are cut using scissors. The haircut tapers slowly down to a shorter length as it reaches the base of the head. Generally, the hair at the top stays at a medium length in this hairstyle.

10.   Ivy league haircut

In this hairstyle, men part their short hair to the side. There is a visible faded cut at the sides, too. Here, a high skin fade adds contrast to the look but a low taper fade offers a traditionalistic ivy league appearance. The stylists keep the top hair mainly around 2-3 inches.

Which haircut is suitable for you as per your face shape?

1.      Round

Round-faced men should opt for long top hair and short side looks like textured crop+fringe haircut, slicked back haircut, and comb over fade hairstyle.

2.      Triangle

Here, adding volume is important with styles like pompadour, quiff, spiky hair, faux hawk, and brush up.

3.      Square

Keep the haircut short like a crew cut or buzz cut. For longer hair, opt for textured styles such as the slick back, side parting, and pomp.

4.      Diamond

Haircuts like a faux hawk, messy fringe, shag, side sweep, and textured crop go well with this angular face type.

5.      Oval

An undercut or face adds balance to your oval face shape. Add a texture slick back, a pompadour, comb over, or quiff style on top.

6.      Oblong

Stylists suggest hairstyles like buzz cut, side part, short brushing up, or an Ivy League look for this face shape.

How to book a Zoylee appointment online?

For best help with men’s hairstyling, you should download the online salon booking app- Zoylee. This is available in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or directly from the main website. The first step for both the app version and website version is to sign up for a profile via the visible sign-up button.

Add all of the necessary details in the right fields, and then register your account.


  • Open the website page and select the book tab, and go for the salon category.
  • Filter your salon choice, price, discount, and rating settings.
  • After getting the list of available services, select the hairstyle/haircut option and press the ‘Add’ button.
  • Select checkout and your linked account details would open. Fill up as necessary and choose the time, date, and payment method.


You have to follow a similar booking process directly from the app. Select a vendor, their service, and opt for “proceed”. Fill in the time and date, add payment, check the billing information, and then book by pressing “confirm”.


Overall, there are many attractive and easy-to-maintain hairstyle options available for men to use. It is best to select according to the face shape and then opt for a personal preference. For best results, trust reliable hair styling experts before booking an appointment.

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