11 Useful Things You Can Do With Your Old Smartphone


The first advice I can give is to not reset your smartphone after getting a new one, i.e., the replacement to its original state as it got, which is, among others, to delete all applications added for months to your smartphone. If you decide to stay with the smartphone, it does not make sense to eliminate then upload again. If you think using it, some of the many uses you can give and here I suggest ten of the most important ones.

1 – Telephone Parts

None of us is exempted from astray, leaving forgotten somewhere or stolen smartphone. In one of those awkward moments, this may be the quickest and most viable alternative to continue to have a phone while locating the one you lost or got stolen, and acquire a new one. So it is important not to reset the old equipment and keep it charged even though you stopped using as before because it will not only offer connectivity applications, but your files too.

2 – Emergency calls

That old disused mobile can get you out of a situation of risk. You know that through any cell phone, you are able to make emergency calls without being connected to the service with an operating company. Likewise, it is very useful in those households greater or convalescent person of illness or accident, who do not have a landline or mobile phone. To that end, the equipment can also be used by the family and responsible for ensuring the welfare of the elderly patient.

3– VoIP Phone Calls

You can make phone calls, even abroad, with an old mobile not connected to a cellular network of any operating company. It only requires that the smartphone has Wi-Fi connection to the place where you are, access to the Internet and has among its multiplatform messaging applications like Skype, which offers voice service based on IP (VoIP calls). They will be free if you communicate with someone who has the same messaging application installed, but you can also make calls to residential phones with paying a fee. With a connection to the internet via Wi-Fi with the same applications, you have a chance to make video calls, send SMS messages and even chat with your old phone.

4 – Security Camera

Perhaps one of the great utilities that can give your phone into disuse is the security camera connected to the web, which has the ability to observe the outside or the inside of your home or office. To this end, you would access the internet through Wi-Fi connection and download some of the applications that are in Google Play such as IP Webcam or Home Security Camera, developed by WardenCam360, and follow the instructions for installation. The old smartphone serves as a sort of security camera lens that lets you view real-time images on a computer or laptop.

5 – Academic Data Storage

You can use your old cell phone for the storage of your academic assignment help documents. This way when you access your assignment help documents, you won’t be distracted by other apps and will remain focused on your assignments.

6 – Remote Control

Another feature that your cell can provide is to use it as a remote control, which you will find available in the online store of Google Play, reserved for smartphones that work with Android operating system, applications that are intended to turn the mobile phone in Universal command television as Smart TV, audio and video players such as DVD and Blu-Ray. It is good to emphasize that circulate in the market and cell phones with integrated infrared light, allowing this utility.

7 – MP3 player

I imagine that in your old smartphone, you listened to your favorite music. Those melodies you managed to store and still have saved on your previous phone, you can still listen to them as now you can turn it into MP3 files player, even when traveling in your car, just connect it to your respective port. Likewise, if you can find the good music you love, you save in the device to continue listening on the network. And of course, for stereo sounds lean on accessories such as Bluetooth headsets.

8 – GPS Navigator

And since I mentioned the car, if you own a vehicle whose model lacks GPS, paradoxically your old smartphone will handle to modernize this service positioning, so you have a chance to situate geographically in cities that you do not know well or search for particular direction. Incidentally, in Google Play, there are some applications available that provide the same service offline, which can be downloaded via Wi-Fi.

9 – Multimedia and Battery Saver

As you listen, the smartphone you left to use in your day to day can be important in those moments of leisure and entertainment that you book to watch movies, TV shows, news, games, baseball, football, basketball, other sports video streaming over the internet without using your current phone, so this will result in savings of electric charge of your battery.

10 – Radio and Alarm Clock

The safest thing to your previous cell is that it woke you up every morning without fail, as you had planned. Why not let you keep doing it? At the end of the day, you will already be used to its alarm music tone, when it announced that you had to start a new day. Moreover, still, it has its radio and applications that let you listen to stations from other countries. I know that you also may be provided by your new smartphone, but remember the battery issue which I quoted above.

11 – Donating Your Old Smartphone

If any of these utilities do not interest you, it is best to opt for donating. Various organizations appreciate it because there are few people who would love to have your old smartphone in their hands. For example, the operator Verizon had a program called Hopeline aimed at restoring old mobile for delivery to victims of domestic violence with service calls and free text messages. In the United States, they are also cell phones for soldiers, which is responsible for sending these devices to troops serving abroad; 911Cell Phone Bank to provide free tools to crime victims, witnesses of murders and other crimes, or people of advancing age; Rainforest Connection, nonprofit group that uses these devices to protect endangered forests in Indonesia, Africa, and the Amazon, as well as companies that handle the recycling to avoid environmental damage. So you lend a service to the community and your country.

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