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10 Must Things To Do While On A Vacation To Andaman

Andaman is an exotic Island territory of India, which is on the Bay of Bengal Sea. This is an international tourist destination too. People from across the globe visit here as honeymoon tour, nature tour, island tour and adventure tour. It is a budget friendly tourist place and tourist friendly too.

Before booking Andaman and Nicobar holiday tour packages you must check that the package includes the below mentioned 10 things to do on Andaman vacation.

Top 10 Things To Do In Andaman:

Scuba Diving:

scuba diving

The Havelock Islands and Neil Islands are the best place to do scuba diving in Andaman. You can see the exotic marine life under the crystal-clear seawater. The March to May is the best time to do scuba diving, as the water temperature is most suitable. These are non-rainy season, and the seawater will be clear.



The Radha Nagar Beach, Elephant Beach, Red Skin Island and Jolly Buoy Island are the most suitable places to do snorkelling activity once in Andaman tour. These island and sea beaches are free from tides. You cannot see frequent waves here. You can see the sand and marine species just under your hip level water.

Visit Mangroves of Mayabunder:

mangroves of mayabunder

It will be a surprise to see a mangrove in an island. You can enjoy the lush greenery with submerged trees halfway rising up. The uneven roots spreading across the water may look like the lifeline of this mangrove. You can access this place by a small rowing boat. This is a great place for the honeymoon couples.

Sea Walking:

sea walking

The Havelock Islands has sea-walking facility. You will be given a helmet like headgear. You can wear this and walk under the shallow sea. This will enable you to see the small fishes and turtles coming near to you. You can feel those species touch and go. This is the best things to do for the young couples and for a romantic tour.

Visit the Volcanic Barren Island:

volcanic barren island

This will be great place to see the Volcanic Mountain in real. You might have seen this on photos and videos. It will be breath-taking to see this smoky volcano from a faraway distance from a boat. It is advisable to go in a guided tour, as it is a dangerous place.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Andaman:

glass bottom boat ride

This is an effortless activity to see the marine life without scuba diving and snookering once in Andaman. Yet, this is the perfect option for those, who do not know to swim or are allergic with seawater and sand. The boats bottom will have glass, where you can see the seabed naturally. As the boat goes, you can find wide variety of coral, marine species and colorful fishes.

Sea Plane Ride:

sea plane ride

You can experience the seaplane ride from Andaman. It will be a different feel to take off and landing on the seawater. The plane takes you above the major islands and shows the beauty of these chains of island groups. It is best to go in a four-member group at least. If you are couples, you can join a group and take this ride in Andaman.

Trekking Trials in Andaman:

trekking trials in andaman

The Mt. Harriet to Madhuban trial is the best for nature lovers. You can go for trekking apart from the sandy sea beaches of this island. This is a great place to trek in the woods of this island. It is the best place for romance and the young couples. You can find many birds and harmless animals on the way.

Visit Lalaji Bay Beach:

lalaji bay beach

This is the ideal beach to visit by anyone, who does not know to swim. Its seawater is calm and clear. It has shallow seawater and the best for swimming. This is a scenic beach to take photos. There are many beach view resorts in this place to stay.

Smith Island:

smith island


This is a twin island, which is connected by sand bars. The sand bars disappear way during the high tide and you can see as two different islands. When it is low tide, you can see the sand bars emerge outs naturally. It is a rare natural phenomenon on the sea and this island to see once in a lifetime.

Andaman tour packages from Bangalore are the best to book online. You can get discounts on your travel and stay. It is advisable to book all-inclusive packages to be free from petty expenses in your Andaman tour.

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