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10 Important Features You Gotta Check Before Buying An Action Camera

Taking photos and videos have always been part of people’s lives since the time cameras were born. Surely, from that time up to now, cameras have been improving, innovating and developing into many different kinds, functions, and peculiarities! One of the most well-known and noteworthy of them is the action camera.

It is most often used for adventures and physical activities wherein you want to capture remarkable moments without being too worried about your camera getting wet or not recording properly. You can’t use your smartphone or your DSLR for shooting your mountain bike ride and for taking underwater photos, right? An action camera enables you to do those outdoor activities while enjoying and being comfortable and calm.

Now, if you’re planning to buy an action camera for your upcoming adventure trip to do action photography consider these 10 important features to know which one is the ONE.

1 – The Toughness You Need
You wouldn’t want to purchase anything that’s going to get broken after two or three adventures, would you? Your need for the action camera’s toughness depends on the activity you’ll use it for. For underwater use, know first if the camera itself is waterproof or there’s a water-resistant case. If it has a case, make sure that it is very durable that not even the littlest amount of water will leak in. Note how deep you can use it underwater. Also, be aware of the height from which it can still function well after being dropped. There are unexpected falling instances, and knowing its dropping limit will keep you reassured if ever it falls from a height which is less than the maximum.  

The toughness you need is the first thing you have to know because everything else lies on it. If it gets easily damaged, then game over.

2 – Nothing Without Good Quality

What’s the purpose of shooting the event if you can’t see anything clear after recording it? The image and video quality should, of course, be High Definition (1080p). It’s not very necessary, but if you need an excellent quality with higher megapixels and bigger resolution to avoid pixelation, a 4K action camera is the best.

An action camera with really great quality will let you show your videos on smartphones, televisions, computers, and projectors clearly and confidently. It must have an outstanding video playback quality.

3 – Safely Hands-free

One of the amazing things about an action camera is that it allows you use to your hands for other purposes concerning your adventure while you capture them. Hand-held cameras are definitely not the right thing for mountain biking! Get to know about the mounting capacity of the action camera.

Action cameras are usually set on the helmet or the handlebars. Make sure if it works either or both. Clamps and adhesives are used to fix it up, so see to it that the action camera can be set up firmly. Know if the camera is fixed only in one position or turning and tilting it are possible.

4 – Memory Spacious

It’s hard to know the number of pictures and videos you’re going to take with your action camera as you travel. Definitely important to remember, you need plenty of memory space to capture all the important moments and activities. It’s surely hurtful to delete or at least transfer files immediately to another device, so preparing a high storage is a key!

Take a look if the action camera requires an SD card to be used or if there’s an internal memory available. A fast memory card is the best you must use with it.

5 – Battery That Won’t Let You Down

Even if you have lots of memory storage remaining, the highest quality of videos and images, the wonderful talent of filming and capturing moments, still, it goes down to the action camera’s battery life. Make certain that it’s long-lasting. If the camera’s battery dies, it’s the end.

6 – Special Shooting Modes

They aren’t necessary for all occasions, but if you prefer special shooting modes, choose an action camera that has them. If you want to be creative in filming your trip or to add effects on your underwater adventure video, you can create and modify it artistically with special modes.

7 – Wide or What

Most action cameras you’ll see out there are wide-angled. Some are fixed with that field of view, however, some aren’t and provide options to switch from wide to medium to narrow. Choosing wide, you’ll be able to film a long stretch of view, and it’ll be necessary if you want to achieve a view of vast sceneries, skies, and roads. It’s the usual choice because it captures more view.

8 – Interactive

Check its connectivity settings. One convenient thing about an action camera is it has built-in WiFi (although not all have this). With it, you can connect another device to it such as a smartphone or a tablet. Doing that, you can see better, clearer and closer to what you’re shooting. You can also move files from the camera to your phone or to your PC. Without it or even Bluetooth, you’ll have to manually do it by taking the SD Card out and into your PC. Having such makes it easy-to-use if you want to upload on social media or send photos to your family while you travel.

9 – What Comes With It

What are the accessories that go along with your action camera? Accessories. They’re just accessories, but they are also necessary for special and specific functions you can use the camera for. Not everything is needed for every occasion. If you’re going to use it for diving, snorkeling, coral viewing and other underwater ventures, know what accessories are most significant. If you’re off to go sandboarding, climbing, zip lining, headcam attachment accessory is what you need. For road trips, look for windscreen attachment.

The necessary accessory for any activity is the remote control which isn’t like the common remote control. One of its looks is that like a wristwatch; in that way, the hands are totally free.

10 – So How Much?

A lot of action cameras are of prime qualities and features, and they are surely worth the crave! With all the nice things you can do with it, definitely, you’d want to buy the best which is, needless to say, more costly than others. See to it that the action camera as a whole is worth the price. Compare brands and units from different shops. If it’s avoidable and not compulsory to purchase the most expensive, take note that you don’t have to.

With all the above-mentioned important features to consider, here’s my final tip: Be wise in choosing the action camera by considering that it has a good quality combined with a favorable and justifiable price!


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Zapals, an internationally renowned, global shopping website, providing a vast range of high-quality products at affordable prices, with offices in Hong Kong, China and Australia. She gives tips on wise buying and utilizing. Online shopping and electronic gadgets are some of the many topics Nicole writes about. | Voice over acting, hosting, film critiquing and filmmaking are some of her interests. She graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. “To God be all the glory”

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