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10 Clever Interior Designs to Transform your Home

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George A. Moore quoted “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it”. Such an epic thought shake your mind. Home has utmost importance in human life. One can expect solace & companionship at the same time at his home. A well thought-over designed home can be your ultimate travel destination. Thankfully these days we give due importance to home-décor & designing. If having few alterations in your house set-up can bring freshness & beauty to your life than why not to give it a try.

Go Greener:-

Have optimum utilization of greenery in your house to make it look fresh & bring the surrounding close to nature. Greenery will help to bring pure air as well as it goes well with any kind of interior theme. Use bulky indoor plants in corners with more space. You can use bonsai to fill in small window shelves & tables of your house. Plants can bring green freshness to your bathroom & kitchen space as well. A refreshing display of plants in your home space will definitely bring OOHS & AAHS from the visitors. Greenery goes very well with pastel or white colored theme interiors. Hanging plants on the windows & near the main apartment door will have a very welcoming feeling at the entrance of your residence.

Give Home Some Space using Space Savings Furniture:-

The urban houses these days miss out on one significant aspect which is being specious. Sometimes people stuff so many artifacts in their home & make it overly congested.  We agree that when it comes to our dearly home we just cannot restrain ourselves to a limited number of beautiful decorative objects. The remedy to bridge the gap between space & decorative pieces is the innovative space saving folding furniture. Use most out of the flood of idea floating in the market for making your home looking as big as possible. Utilize your walls well for planting shoe racks & folding dining tables. These handy hacks are easily available in the market and also your local carpenter can provide such solutions easily. These tricks are easy to apply & you can give a gift of space to your family.

Let the Heavenly Light Enter Your Life:-

Making optimum use of the light will automatically lit-up your life. Having a sufficient amount of light in your house has obvious hygiene as well as positive energy implications. An appropriate amount of light is equally important as fresh air in the house. Studies have shown significant positive implications on the mood of the person having sufficient amount of light around him. Modify your windows if needed to have a better lighting penetration. As we agree that natural light has no comparison with the artificial, however smartly used lamps & chandeliers can give a touch of aesthetic look to your space. Make use of your Michael Coupons to bring home some exquisite lighting solutions.

Let the Stairs Take Your Mood up:-

We often miss-out upon using the stairs of the house effectively. Modern designers have suggested various uses of this less focused part of our homes. Underneath the stairs, one can have a storage solution which is always a requirement. All our extra stuff, bicycles, books can get accommodated here nicely without creating any clutter around. Placing small decorative articles & plants under the stairs can always bring an innovative edge to manifest your artistic personality. Stairs can be used in other ways than just to bring you up & down.  We have observed that this is a huge space many times going un-noticed while altering homes for enhancement.

Use the Magic of Mirror:-

We all agree upon one thing that a mirror can help to visually enlarge the feel of the space. Using the mirrors wisely in your home can be a trick to bring more space around.  House decoration artifacts these days have ample designs in mirrors.  Just like the use of windows, mirrors can be a great help to bring additional light & space feel. Effectively used mirrors can highlight the best-decorated spots of your house.  A large framed mirror can add a touch of dramatic beauty to your room; however, a carefully chosen small mirror can also play its part in beautification. Mirrors can be used as an artifact as well, as these are numerous designs available in the market today to help you.

Smart Storage Centric Furniture:-

You can choose from the wide variety available in the market for best storage-friendly furniture options. It is always best to keep minimal items on the wall as well. As creating too many shelves on the wall will make your house look tinier.  This furniture will help you to make your living & bedroom space look organized & enlarged. Smart solutions to store away your stuff are the key to achieve a bigger house.

Let the Art be a Signature of your Persona:-

Conventional or modern, art & paintings add a subtle touch of class to your interiors. Have a painting in every room to define the mood of the space. Modern designers have several solutions to decorate your bath & kitchen space as well as with paintings. Just looking at the well-chosen art work on your wall the visitors will grasp an immediate impression of your love for your home.

The Terrace is The Best Place to help You Fly:-

Just like the stairs, terraces & balconies are at times neglected for beautification. Use beautiful greenery & cane furniture to bring a sense of peace & class to your balcony. The air & natural light will automatically be a cherry on the icing on your decorations. Having a smart arrangement for seating can be a huge help while having a get-together & party without the constraint of space in your house. Use little shed to protect your balcony from rain & harsh sunlight. Trust us, a nicely decorated balcony will be a talk of the town for a long long time.

Bring the Nature at Home Using Fountain:-

Having fountain in the home has a positive energy impact on home for those who believe in Feng-Shui. However, for the non-believers, we can assure a mood changing experience if not a life changing, by using the sound of flowing water around. An aesthetically chosen fountain can define your taste with more edge. Also, for those who struggle to have extra space for these can make use of the table top fountains available in the market. In the calm environment, the flowing water sound works like a therapy for soothing your mood.

Colors do Speak:-

Make use of the wall colors wisely to give a visual boost of beauty to your home. Experts suggest more use of light pastel & soft colors for apartments with limited space. Lighter walls help in creating a spacious appearance to the surrounding. Several wall graphics, wall papers & painting impressions are at your disposal to decorate those beautiful walls of your houses. Also, wisely painted walls can have a positive psychological impact on your brain. Colors can talk a lot about your liking, preference & personality, hence do not miss upon the opportunity to paint your home accordingly to your taste using these basic rules in mind.

Most of people presume these days that without hiring a professional interior designer you cannot achieve excellence in your house designing regime. However, we assure that if you follow these minuscule alterations in your home your home will shine & smile. Make your home your dream destination & a possession for everyone’s envy.

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