10 Beautiful Wedding Cake Ideas for Every Venue

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Oftentimes, choosing a wedding cake feels like checking another box on your wedding to-do list. But, today, it doesn’t have to be that way. Rather than ordering some usual cake for ceremonial purposes, you now have the option to treat it as both a design element and a mouth-watering menu item. So, it’s time to get creative!

To save your time, we have curated some amazing weddings cake ideas for you. Keep scrolling to gather the best ideas for your big day.

#1 – Wedding Cake Image ~ Major Floral Moment

flower cakeTalk about an Insta-worthy moment! With a cake like this, you can skip the flower wall, and the photo booth, and click some amazing wedding pics.

#2 – Wedding Cake Image ~ Bed of Roses

This photo is proof that you shouldn’t feel incomplete to the cake itself when adding accent florals. It’s a beautiful Wedding cake idea that you can add to your wishlist.

#3 – Wedding Cake Image ~ Pop Of Colour

wedding cake

It’s not a tradition to go for white floral cakes for wedding, you can skip that and go for some pop-up colour cakes to make your wedding more colourful.

#4 – Wedding Cake Image ~ Perfect Garden

We love this textured of the cake decorated with vines, white booms with a perfect flavour of mint.

#5 – Wedding Cake Image ~ A Dark Delight

In terms of the cake’s design, it’s often smart to start by thinking about your venue. The venue sets the scene for the rest of your wedding and also affects what material the cake can be made of (fondant can be hard in direct sunlight, et cetera). Plus, we think its fun to have the wedding cake match the venue’s aesthetic and the rest of the day’s design details. This cake right above is perfect for a pink décor to make it look more eye-catchy.

#6 – Wedding Cake Image ~ Tasty Treat

cake ideas

We can’t decide what we love more: The cake’s unexpected shape or this beautiful hue.

#7 – Wedding Cake Image ~ Mixing Flavours

There’s nothing wrong with a three-tiered chocolate cake topped with pretty flowers.

#8 – Wedding Cake Image ~ Dholki Cake

dholki cake

This Gorgeous cake is perfect for an Indian Wedding ceremony. Its shape and design make it look very unique and eye-catchy.

#9 – Wedding Cake Image ~ Into the Blue

dream wedding cake

We love the colour combo of this ice blue cake and white blooms. Also, note the tiers of the cake which makes it looks very beautiful.

#10 – Wedding Cake Image ~ In Full Bloom

fantastic cake

Don’t you think this little masterpiece deserves an exhibit of its own?

As you have seen above, we’re especially into recreating textiles in buttercream, using local flora as accent pieces which will look beautiful on your wedding. Hope you got the ideas of what kind designs you want for your big day. If you wish to see some more wedding cake ideas then you the check out the HappyShappy website, they have plenty of content on cake designs. So, do check it out!


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