Six sigma green belt certification

What is the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?

Six Sigma is a set of tools which provide to businesses and organizations the means to increase the capabilities of their business processes and mechanisms. This increase in capabilities equips the company to launch more and more ambitious ventures since their reach increases. As a result of this, the scope of their new projects grows and the company is able to achieve much more with the same amount of resources. Six Sigma also leads to increased performance in the employees.

The Six Sigma methodology has several different team members who provide layers of effectiveness in the operation chain of the company project. One of them is the Six Sigma Green Belt team member. Let us look at the Green Belt member in more detail.

Who is a Green Belt?

Six Sigma Green Belt team members are professionals who have been given extensive training on the Six Sigma methodology. They are fully capable of leading process improvement teams on their own. They are given the responsibility of making key decisions about a team’s functioning and operations. They are involved in a project from its inception and are major contributors to the project’s key elements. They are the ones who, along with some other Six Sigma team members, create the strategy for the project’s implementation and execution. One has to undergo Six Sigma Green Belt certification training in order to occupy this position.

What are the responsibilities of a Six Sigma Green Belt?

  1. His functioning is supervised by a Six Sigma Black Belt –

The green belt team member always acts under the supervision of a black belt team member. While he is fully capable of leading Six Sigma improvement projects on his own, according to the Six Sigma methodology it is the black belt who supervises the green belt and directs him to act in a certain way. This way, there is a cohesive strategy maintained in the Six Sigma team and all team members are perfectly aware of each other’s goals and activities and thus are able to work together much more effectively.

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  1. He has to analyze and solve problems related to product or service quality.

The green belt has the responsibility of making sure that the end product or service quality is on par with the goals and specifications of the initial project planning. He institutes several quality checks and tests based on real world scenarios and real world conditions. In this way he constantly keeps a watchful eye on the project’s progress and how the end product or end service is going to turn out.

  1. He has to authenticate and validate the measuring system of the team.

A Six Sigma team always takes the DMAIC approach to solving a problem. DMAIC stands for define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. A green belt is very well-versed with this approach and always ensures that it is followed in the team. In order to follow this statistical process, the green belt oversees the data collection process of the Six Sigma team and validates the measurement system used in the project.

  1. He improves facilitation skills of the team.

In the overall course of a project, the Six Sigma team has to expedite several things such as impromptu project processes, sudden change of plans, interaction with team members who are outside the Six Sigma team but within the project’s personnel. The green belt has to act as a facilitator and also train his team in facilitating all these different things. He also has to ensure that the team faces minimal distractions from personnel outside the team.

One can take Six Sigma Green Belt certification online to learn more about these responsibilities and how to fulfill them.

Prerequisites for taking a Six Sigma Green Belt certification online –

  • A very logical and analytical way of thinking.
  • Perseverance.
  • A perfectionist’s approach to improvement.
  • Strong leadership and communication skills.

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