The various advantages of using Pinterest for business marketing mentioned here

While businesses run social media campaigns on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, often they ignore Pinterest. Pinterest is a well-known site which can offer the same benefits as provided by other sites for business marketing. Pinterest is currently a popular platform to promote a business for it has more than 11 million visitors on a monthly basis. If you are a business owner willing to promote your business online or increase brand awareness, then you can choose Pinterest for business marketing.

How to promote your business on Pinterest?

Pinterest creates such a unique environment for businesses that even a small business can gain recognition over a short period of time.  It is the fastest growing social network on a global scale. You may now wonder how a collection of images promote your business. Pinterest leverages on the visual aspect and as per the research it is found that we humans can process images 66% faster when compared to texts.


Pinterest offers you the most beautiful visuals of life, the pictures of humour, glamour, and even the simplest of products can be presented in the most glamorous and appealing manner. So, as evident, you got to click the best photos of your products and then post them on the site. The amount of traffic flow from the social sites to the stores online has changed to a great extent. Basing on the sale volume made by a site, the purchases are made. The number of Pinterest users has increased by nearly 86% from 2011 to 2019. So, this figure is quite enough to make an entrepreneur’s pulses rise. Make use of attractive visuals for humans are driven towards it. The best Pinterest Promotion ideas are:

  • Sign up for the Pinterest Business Account. Have a virtual online store and include hot and crispy images of your products along with the pricing. It is easy to create an account.
  • Plan the layout and organize your boards. There are pins and visuals around which you need to organize business. Nothing can be worse than a disorganized store front
  • It is now easy to move the pins across the boards. You may do this if you don’t like certain placement
  • Leverage on the power of social media by sharing the pins on other social sites
  • Use SEO to optimize the Pinterest Site
  • Don’t forget to add “pin it” button to the website
  • Make use of the best quality pins. Carry out research on photographs to choose the most appealing ones.
  • Use call to action. If you sell swimming pools, then include a guide to swimming pool installation and how the families enjoy padding though the water

Pinterest is quite easy for the visitors as well. Through the photos, they may make out what to expect.

Increase in product and brand awareness

Pinterest is a site purely based on photos. You are free to post all the product photos that your business sells. Attractive images can draw the attention of potential customers easily. Audiences will be aware of your products and this will create brand awareness and product awareness.

Increases traffic to the website

Beside the images of your products, you may attach a link to your website. If an image is attractive, there is a possibility that others would chase it. So, include a call to action and ask them to click your website’s link. Pinterest for business marketing can increase traffic to the website, increase conversion and sales.

Leverage on the Pinterest Promotion Ideas mentioned above to gain an edge over others. Pinterest can increase sales, reduce the potential pitfall and increase your overall reach.

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