Top 3 Ready For Sale Certified Used Honda Cars

As we all know that Gurgaon is famous for being one of the largest the industrial hubs of India and whose per capita income is third-highest in India. Just because of this industrial growth, more number of people have started concentrating around this area. The public transport of Gurgaon is negatively popular, and people want to avoid daily commuting right from Delhi, Noida, Faridabad or Ghaziabad. So, people are trying to find homes to settle and cars to drive to office on a daily basis. The demand for cars has no longer a luxury, it has become a requirement.

If you cannot afford to purchase a new car right now, you can easily buy used Honda car in Gurgaon for now. The reason I mentioned Honda is that Honda is one of the favorite makes of Gurgaon people. When you are on Gurgaon roads, most number of cars you will see will have Honda logo on it. So, you may also go for a Honda used car.


But, before going for it, you should be aware of a few things such as you should always search for certified used Honda cars in Gurgaon, the car must be rightly priced, must be inspected by a professional technician and also check the financing option for the car. You need to verify that the car is in good or excellent condition, free from bad history, and in accurate price bracket. Here are top 3 ready for sale certified second hand Honda cars in Gurgaon:

Honda Amaze 1.5 VX i-DTEC 2018

It is just one-year old pre-owned model of Honda Amaze which is in pretty good condition. The Benchmark Market Value has evaluated its price to be within the price bracket of Rs. 7.40 lakhs to Rs. 7.85 lakhs as per the actual condition of the car. The car has been driven only and only for 15,000 Kms and it is available for sale with its RC copy, insurance copy and additional warranty. This diesel variant car is available for sale at a price of Rs. 7.75 lakhs. Its price has been fixed within the recommended market value bracket, that means the car deserves this value as per its condition.

In 2019, Honda again launched Amaze model with both petrol and diesel variants and offering 1199 cc to 1498 cc engine, 19 Kmpl to 25 Kmpl mileage, 200 Nm @ 1750 rpm torque and 98.6 bhp @ 3600 rpm. The price of this masterpiece is between Rs. 5.88 lakhs to Rs. 9.89 lakhs. The second hand Honda car in Gurgaon you are purchasing is a high end model of Honda Amaze. So, you are getting at a much lower cost.

This is a 2011 model of Honda City which is available in good condition as per the inspection report and the Benchmark Market Value ranges from Rs. 3.19 lakhs to Rs. 3.38 lakhs. The car has run for 84,862 Kms and its second owner wants to sell the car now again. Still, the condition of the vehicle is pretty good. You will just have to pay Rs. 3.18 lakhs to own this car. Honda City is an all-time favorite car of most people, so Honda will think twice or thrice before quitting this car from the market. But a new Honda City will cost around Rs. 10.85 lakhs to Rs. 16.51 lakhs. So, it will be better to grab a used Honda car in Gurgaon with the ‘new wali’ feeling.

Honda Brio S MT 2012

It is a 2012 model of Honda Brio which is also available in good condition and the Benchmark Market Value ranges from Rs. 1.78 lakhs to Rs. 1.89 lakhs. The car has run for 78,000 Kms and its first owner is willing to sell it. This petrol variant second hand car for sale in Gurgaon at a price of Rs. 1.91 lakhs only.

There is an update of Honda Brio as Honda has unveiled 2019 Brio at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show in Jakarta. It will be the second-generation Brio that is coming with 1.2-litre i-VTEC petrol engine and produces 90PS of power and 110Nm of torque. It is expected that by December 2019, Honda Brio is going to hit the market with its latest version at Rs. 5 lakhs. But it will be great to buy used Honda car in Gurgaon as the price will be very low and you can use the car as roughly as you want.

You will have no tensions of scratches, bends or break down of the car. You can offer keys to any family member to drive the car, without thinking about any minor fault. It will be your car, so use it as you really want.

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