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Tips to become a respectful senior citizen in active adult communities

Everyone has own point of views even two brothers, husband-wife, mother-daughter has different taste and thoughts. That same thing you will find in Leesburg FL over 55 communities, every senior want to live their life in own way even your roommate too. But yes, to stay longer with a person you need to learn how to be thoughtful about another resident’s needs and wants, without neglecting your own.

There are, however, steps that you can take to help your parent make sure they’re being respectful of an assisted living roommate, while still maintaining their own comfort:


Retirement communities often hold a lot of different activities and events for residents. From movie nights to trips to local museums —the event calendar is probably packed with different activities your parent or senior loved one can join. If there’s something they love doing that’s not on the calendar now, you can always provide recommendations to the staff there for additional activities to plan. Urge your loved one to sign up for the classes and events available. They’re a great opportunity for getting to know the other residents and staying active as they age. Many of them will be fun and rewarding.


Many seniors aren’t initially happy about the move to over 55 communities in central Florida, it can feel like they’re leaving their old life behind. It’s important to try to squash that negativity on day one to make a good first impression. “Greet everybody with a smile”. “Even if you feel down in the dumps and heavy-hearted.”


This is important advice for roommates of all ages: if there is a concern, they should talk first. Of course, how they talk about it is crucial. Ideally, they’ll be able to work out any issues that arise with a Leesburg FL retirement community’s roommate or other residents through communication, but if it comes to it, they can also consider talking to the staff as a last resort to help mediate a problem. Everyone in the community benefits from the residents there living in harmony so they will want to help find a solution to problems that arise.


Leesburg FL over 55 communities offers various options available. Your senior loved one may be able to share a room with another roommate to save money or rent a room on their own. They may also have a few different options for how large of a space they can rent at different price points. Your family may be limited in what you can afford, but if you’re able to, talk to your loved one about the level of privacy they need to be comfortable and do your best to find an option that meets their needs. If you do choose to go the route of finding your loved one a roommate to stay with, work with the community to make sure you find someone compatible with their lifestyle and preferences.


You can’t control your loved one’s mood, but you can try to encourage them to be friendlier on move-in day. These are the people they’ll be living alongside for months or years to come and they have the potential to become some of their best friends. “First impressions are important”. “What you say or don’t say may impact prospective friendships.” Do your best to urge them to see it as a new beginning, rather than the end of the lifestyle they were used to.

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