How Tableau Skills Enhance Modern Analytical Journeys

Learning Tableau can be fun, especially if your are working in the field of Business Intelligence and customer analytics. A top of the ladder BI software and visual analytics provider, Tableau encourages every one  to take up data as a skill to grow in career. At Tableau training institutes in Bangalore, thousands of well trained professionals and IT engineers learn to work with Tableau platform targeted for data science and Analytics projects.


There are absolutely no doubts that Tableau analytics skills are considered pivotal in intelligence industry. Here are some great applications of how Tableau skills drive various analytical platforms with modern AI, machine learning, and data visualization/predictive models.

Transforming the Predictive Revenue Models

More and more companies are designing and selling their products to unique customer base in competitive markets creatively and aggressively. The revenue models have undergone a sea-change in the past 2-3 years powered by AI, Predictive Intelligence and Machine Learning. On-demand ride sharing tools such as Uber and Lyft are best examples of how revenue models are working for app-based location and inventory management platforms. Transportation aside, even Restaurant Management, E-commerce and Hospitality (Travel, Booking and Holidays) are seeing the wave of innovations brought by Tableau and related software impacting the revenue models.

With Tableau, you can acquire skills to visualize and understand these revenue recognition models first hand, on your computer and mobile screens. From cohort analysis to customer experience, there are millions of data points that you can check pertaining to Product Innovation, Business Intelligence, People-based marketing and advertising, Sales growth and Customer service!

Weather Forecasting

Apart from the obvious innovations in space and aviation with more satellites launched into the orbit, there is also a lot of ground level work happening in making weather forecasting accurate. Yes, Tableau and IBM are at the leadership rung when it comes to delivering accurate weather forecasting. When one factor changes, Tableau engineers can accurately predict the impact on other weather allowing dashboards to make iterative forecasts about weather with ease!

That’s how companies like and others can show weather forecasts to up to 45 days in advance with nearly 90% a-ccuracy. Not bad, eh!

Bringing Sanity to the Ever so Unpredictable Oil and Gas Industry

In a highly fluctuating and complex Oil and Gas market, Tableau analysts are continuously monitoring data to understand the innumerable aspects related to inventory, transportation, exploration and stock options. With better analytics, Oil and Gas companies are able to differentiate between challenges and threats, getting to a reduced churn bracket and establishing a healthy sustainable recurring revenue numbers.

In similar ways, Tableau’s self-service data analytics platform helps thousands of analytical teams to accelerate revenue and customer journeys across pharma, healthcare, hospitality and B2B commerce industries.

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