A Solution for your Plant Puddles

It is a really exciting moment when you set up your first garden. It is very easy to plant pots, and watch them grow, but did you know, that plants need a lot more than just watering and fertilizing? Many of us have noticed the puddles that get created every morning after we’ve watered the plants in the pots. It is nearly impossible to get rid of the stains easily, especially if you have marble flooring all around the place. A better solution to prevent the stains and the puddles is to use drain away drain tray.

What is Drain Away Drain Tray?

This is an amazing product that is specifically designed to prevent puddles from being created by the leaking water from the pots.

Drip tray

It is made of plastic and a high-quality one is made of sturdy ABS plastic which does not wear off for years. It is a normal saucer except for the fact that it has an extended line in the form of a very small pipe, at one side. A pipe can be attached to the extended line, and whenever there is excess water in the pot, it gets drained out via the pipes, in the direction of your drainage system.

It comes in various shapes and sizes, and you choose the one that is well-suited for your purpose. In case, you have a pot which has a unique or custom shape, you can order to get a custom one made by many online suppliers too. Make sure that you check the quality of the product before you buy it. 

Does this really work?

Drain Away Drain Tray is tried and tested. It is being used by many people all around the world in order to let the water flow to the proper place, without creating a mess.

You are sure to find a cleaner floor and less puddle if you get one of these amazing products. Most of the household are yet to be educated about drain away drip trays, but most of them, who get to know about this for the first time, and have plants, are sure to use it.

To answer the actual question, yes, it does work, 100% of the times. Place it under the boxed garden that you have inside your house, or under the smallest potted plant, it is sure to drain all collect all the water that leaks from the pots. 

Variations in drip trays

  1. Drip trays that don’t have drain away pipes are one of the most popularly used drip trays. They serve the purpose of collecting excess water, and after a few days, you can simply use the collected water somewhere else.
  2. Drip trays with drain pipes are also available. These are the ones that are used by smarter people, who know the necessity of preventing wastage of water and of preventing the floor from being damaged by the water leakage.
  3. Different shapes and sizes are available for both specifications of drip trays, and you can always customize the order, in case you aren’t able to get the one that you need.
  4. These drip trays majorly come in three colors, yellow, red and green; however, companies have also started to manufacture other color drip trays based on the customer’s needs.

This product has many applications such as storing of washed utensils, tools that rust easily due to moisture, etc. It can be used at any place that you can think has a leaking issue so that the water can be channelized in the right direction.

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