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How to search for the best cinnamon vape juice in the market

Vape juice or e-juice is not actually a juice. You may not be aware of this but this thing does exist. This is nowhere close to the fruit extracted juice that we have every morning but it is quite opposite to that. The concept of vape juice is quite controversial as this is basically e-cigarettes with different kinds of flavours. Vape juice is basically e-cigarette with vaporizer and different types of flavour. It may or may not contain nicotine depending on the people’s preference.

What is Liquid cinnamon flavoring made of?

Vape juice does contain of nicotine depending on how much a person would prefer. In some vape juices the nicotine level is zero. Other than that it has many flavouring of which liquid cinnamon flavoring is considered to be the best.  A fluid or liquid is used in the vaporizer and some flavours along with it. Vaporizers and the cigarettes create an actual vapour which is most than a cigarette. That is why this is called vape juice.

The vaporizer heats up to 200 to 400 degree Celsius in order to create the vapour. This vape juices are made of water, food grade flavouring, nicotine according to the preference level or no nicotine and vegetable glycerine (VG) orpropylene glycol (PG).

Food grade flavouring

To make this thing more delicious and appealing to the customer’s artificial food flavouring like the best cinnamon vape juice is being used. This food grades are also used in edible food so this is not so harmful rather delicious. That’s why this type of e-cigarettes is called vape juices.

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine

These two items are basically used for making the thing tasty. Propylene glycol is a substance that spreads the flavour of the food grade equally all over the vape juice. In Vanilla extract food colouring and many types of medicines also contain propylene glycol to spread the taste all over. Vegetable glycerine is used for or making the liquid tastier and thicker. Cinnamon vape juice is one of the most popular flavours of all but it is very hard to find the best cinnamon vape juice in the market.

This propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine take the 90% of the total substance of the vape juice and nicotine and food grade flavouring take up to the rest of the 10%. In order to buy the best cinnamon vape juice one should always look for the ingredients list before buying.

How does it effect the health

The vape juices are very controversial because although it sounds safe but it has all the elements that can harm the body. The main ingredient that an e-cigarette can have is nicotine. As we all know nicotine is the worst enemy for the lungs and that is the reason it is always promoted that how injurious smoking can be for your health. The concepts of e-cigarettes have changed the mind of the customers and they started thinking that this particular thing is healthy for them and can be used as the alternative of a cigarette. Also adding flavours like Liquid cinnamon flavoring makes it more appealing to the customers. The elements like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine which are generally used in food colouring and food grade flavours to enhance the taste of the food items are used in this e-cigarette.

This thing is making the vape juice much tastier and thus people are also enjoying it thinking that this is not going to harm the body. Even when there is no nicotine in the vape juice, it still can be unhealthy for the amount of artificial substance goes with it and the preservatives that are being used to make it tasty, are not at all useful for health.

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