Schizophrenia surgery best taken care of by B.E.A.M

Schizophrenia is considered as a very serious mental illness that can affect a person’s thinking relationships emotions, behaviour and decision making. And because there is no absolute cure or appropriate medicine to help out in the exact way, getting the proper and precise treatment early is the best way through which we can improve your chances of managing the illness.

Schizophrenia treatment mostly centres on managing the symptoms of the person and to do that it probably requires taking medicine for an open ended period of time and even possibly for life. Psychotherapy, which is a kind of talk therapy where the patients open up about their feelings and insecurities fears, is likely to help them in coping up with their problems.

There are many types and kinds of psychotherapy and several types of medications so it is very important that you know what is involved. Sometimes schizophrenia and Parkinson surgery is the best way through which the patient can be cured or see maximum result and benefit of the treatment. Schizophrenia surgery is best done by the organisations of BEAM. BEAM is an organisation that vows for the betterment of human life. The full name of BEAMis bilateral electrocoagulation of the adrenaline medulla and BEAMconducts schizophrenia and Parkinson surgerythrough the best doctors and staffs.

The treatment procedure:

The treatment procedure of beam consists in blocking hundred percent of the adrenaline production from its source and around 20% of non-adrenaline from the adrenal marrow. Now the synthesis of dopamine will have a comparatively new regulation a biochemical blueprint that is new and a new system of signals that can cause for the shaking in Parkinson’s patients to disappear from the very beginning and the symptoms from schizophrenia patients are to be totally obliterated. This particular procedure was created by Ecuadorian psychiatrist Dr Jose McAuliffe Hidalgo.

After more than around 30 years of research this is not considered to be the most permanent solution to the Parkinson and schizophrenia available to date. This is a Revolutionary procedure since it differs from lifetime prescription of antipsychotics on the part of schizophrenics and multiple treatments for Parkinson’s disease. With experts that from both the team of psychiatrist and surgeons these two diseases canbe handled and treated successfully buy electric regulator of the supernal glands that lay on the very top of our Kidneys.

At the beginning of the seventies it was discovered that while the Glucose level increases the aggressiveness of psychotic patients eventually decrease and by 1974 doctor necklace reviewed the result of a conducted study by Abu invalid and Dell in which the therapeutic effects of a narcotic drug calledchlorpromazineon mental patients were due acutely by inhabiting to brain adrenaline.

Several types and kinds of psychotherapy:

In the failure of meeting with a schizophrenia and Parkinson surgery one can opt for the several types of psychotherapies that is available.

Individual psychotherapy:

During the sessions of individual psychotherapy therapist or psychiatrist can make a person learn how to deal with their thoughts and behavior, with their deep-seeded insecurities etc. Eventually learn more about their mental illness and its effects as well as how to cope up up with the difference between the reality and the illusion which in turn also help them in managing everyday life.

Cognitive behaviour therapy:

Cognitive behaviour therapy can also help the person to change their thinking and their thought process. A Therapist will show them the ways to deal with their inner voices and hallucinations with a combined CBT solutions and medication so that the patients can eventually tell what triggers there psychotic episodes and what are the hallucinations or delusions and how to reduce or eventually stop them.

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