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Say “Goodbye” to outdated furniture

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Don’t worry about the outdated furniture or the unsavoury fabric on your favourite chair. If the bones and structure of the chair are salvageable you have nothing to worry about. A bit of better fabric touch with some creativity thrown in and you don’t have to worry about buying new furniture for 2-3 years at least. Now a few people prefer to reupholster their furniture on their own whereas some prefer to let the work completed by the professional. This article is for the chair repair and upholstery in Chicago. The work of reupholstering should be given to the professional as they have experiences and the tools that one might not have at home.

Services offered by furniture Repairs Company?

If the antique rocking chair has been at your place since time immemorial and its armrest breaks or the beautiful mahogany sofa you got from your father has a huge and hideous fabric rip, you know it is time call the professional for reupholstering chair Chicago.

  • Re-upholstery repair: this includes redoing the furniture like sofas, chairs, paddings etc. in upholstery one needs to add additional stuff including adding of any fringes, piping, fabric coverings or any additional items to make it more beautiful and so that the furniture lives for more years. Usually, the repair people will tell you whether the chair is worth reupholstering by telling you all the benefits and disadvantages so that you can make the best decision on your part.
  • Furniture refinishing: this is primarily for wooden pieces of furniture that were scratched or stripped. This includes smoothening if the surface of furniture and then applying varnish and lacquer to give them a natural shine.
  • Furniture restoration: this includes some minor and cosmetic fixes in the furniture. Restoration is simply bringing back the lost lustre of the furniture; it involves maintaining the furniture’s general design. It also includes giving a professional clean up to the exterior so the beauty can return. Like the scratches on the paddles and arms of the sofa or the wooden chair can be easily restored.
  • Custom upholstery: this is one of the popular choices in upholstery these days, wherein the design is specifically like the clients want it to be. See a few people are creative about their furniture and have the exact idea of what they want, but due to lack of time or tools, they can’t pursue the idea on their own. In here come the upholstery repairs who allow explaining what changes they would prefer and get it done in no time.

Many furniture repairs have done work for some of the best people in the show biz like Oprah Winfrey, Blackstone hotel etc. and are willing to refurbish or upholster your furniture too. Now when you hear such big names you’re relieved that the repairs shop is reliable and will provide the best service they can. Such companies have decades of experience, they give precise attention to the smallest detail and customer services is their priority. The repair shop offers tonnes of services like bar upholstery, hospital upholstery, caning the custom pieces, contract upholstery etc.

But never just read the big name and jump in, look for customer testimonials, reviews, pricing and ask all the question you have until you are satisfied that they are the one that will reupholster your chair perfectly. One can ask questions like: how long has the said company been in business? How many references are they willing to provide? Can they give a written estimate for the same? What are the services include? And many more, don’t be afraid of asking a question and choose the repairs company that you find the most promising.

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