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How to prepare a care plan for a schizophrenic patient?

Schizophrenia has affected around 2.2 million people in the USA and 4.3 to 8.7 million people in India. Such strong is the intensity of this disease that affected patients to find no relief in anything that they do. The prevalence of this disorder is extremely scary and creates a grave situation for the community. Also, the lack of awareness of this disease and a lack of proper treatment provided to patients diagnosed with the disease creates a grim situation in which both health and safety of the patient is compromised.

Care plan for schizophrenia patient

Here is a guide to nursing diagnoses that can be used as a care plan for treating schizophrenia affected people.

Impaired Verbal Communication

Under this, a patient suffers from reduced, delayed, decreased the ability to get, process, transmit and make use of a set of symbols that are used in the communication process. So here a patient’s speech content and style are examined and analyzed by a doctor because they generally suffer from poor communication.

Some related factors:

  • Side effects of medicines
  • Changed perceptions
  • Psychological obstructions
  • Biochemical changes in the brain

Defining Data

Here is qualitative subjective and objective data that has been used by a doctor usually as it provides evidence to the intensity of the problem and the immediate requirement of the treatment or nursing care plan.

  • A problem in communicating thoughts and feelings verbally
  • Difficulty in following and maintaining the original communication style
  • Inappropriate verbalization
  • Difficulties in cognitive associations such as poverty of speech, illogicality, derailment, neologism, perseveration, etc.

Expected Outcomes

Here is a list of some expected and desired outcomes for the patients for nursing impaired verbal communication.

  • The patient will start expressing his feelings and thoughts smoothly that is logical and flows in a goal-directed pattern.
  • The patient will spend some quality time with other people to perform a structured activity.
  • The patient will join the nurse for some 5-minute sessions to share the observations in the surroundings within 3 days.
  • The patient will exhibit real thought processes during his verbal communication.
  • The patient will communicate properly in a manner that is understandable to all others. This is possible with the intake of proper medication and following attentive listening until the time of discharge of the patient.
  • The patient will learn some diversionary tactics that will help him to divert the mind from problems such as anxiety, and depression. It will improve his capacity to think properly and communicate logically with others.

Nursing Actions and Their Rationale

Nursing Actions Rationale
Check if the inconsistency in the speech is chronic or sudden This will help to establish realistic goals which are the ultimate and primary requirement of planning an effective care plan.
Keep your voice low and try to speak as slowly as possible. A high voice or loud noise can raise anxiety levels while slow speaking helps in controlling anxiety and increases understanding.
Keep your environment peaceful, quiet, and free from any noise if possible. This will help you to manage and control the anxiety levels which otherwise escalates in the noisy conditions and increases the chances of getting hallucinations.
Plan for short intervals or periods with clients throughout the whole day. Short periodic sessions are relieving and light. Periodic sessions also give the client a chance to get comfortable and develop a feeling of familiarity and safety.

So this was the nursing plan that you must follow if you are looking for Schizophrenia MRI diagnostics. It will surely help you to find a quick and effective solution for the schizophrenia problem which is hampering so many lives these days.

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