Options of Cosmetic Regenerative Surgery

Cosmetic regenerative surgery is trending because people are getting more conscious of their looks, get up and wish to defy aging issues. The women are more conscious about their appearance and the physique and they wish to go at any length to embrace the therapies for age management.

Cosmetic surgeons have discovered non-invasive, and minimal incision procedure. These procedures are easy to heal in the patients and the patients require less time to recover and return back to work.

Stem Cells Therapy

Regenerative medicine is the science of using adipose-derived stem cells harvested from fat to regenerate cells and tissues in the human body. This procedure encompasses the use of cells and tissues to recover from birth anomalies, trauma, cancer therapy, elective cosmetic procedures, and the consequence of other disease processes. The goal of stem cells therapies is to combat the healing of damaged tissues and the formation of new tissues, helpful for the reconstruction. The best part is that you don’t have to rely on others for stem cells therapy. There are blank slates cells called mesenchymal stem cells, MSCs in the fat tissue, which is separated from the fat and used invariably for the procedure. These stem cells transform themselves into working tissue and helps in the repair of damaged or destroyed cells.


The stem cells have the potential to be transformed into a wide variety of particular cell types through scientific processes and are cost effective.

Thigh Lift

Thigh lift is the reshaping reconstructive procedure performed by an experienced, certified plastic surgeon to shape the contours in the better proportion of the inner thighs, and firming of the lower body. The procedure is opted both by men and women, who decide for the removal of excess sagged skin and fat after heavy weight loss, age or by any weight loss surgery. The procedure Thigh lift is carried out when exercises and diet don’t manage to improve loose thigh skin.

After an assessment of the patient, Dr. Johnson can decide whether Liposuction is required along with the Thigh lift procedure.

The incision length is decided by the surgeon on the severity of loose thigh skin and elasticity. A minimal incision is decided in this procedure. The procedure is done under general anesthesia and the patient is released the same day.

The results of a Thigh lift are immediate but the recovery is variable in different patients. It takes a span of two weeks to return to normal activities whereas strenuous activity should be resumed after four weeks.


Abdominoplasty is also known as Tummy Tuck procedure which removes excess fat or skin and repairs and restores weakened muscles creating an abdominal profile with smoother and firmer contours and waistline. Additional benefits are the removal of scars of pregnancy and sagging skin marks.

Every person strives for flat and firm abdomen but there are instances when diet control and exercise regimen don’t help to achieve. For the people who yearn for a flat and sleek physique, abdominoplasty is a far better option.

The most common causes of abdomen protrusion or sagging are,

  • Drastic weight loss
  • Age
  • Significant fluctuation in weight
  • Pregnancy
  • Heredity

Abdominoplasty is an individualized procedure and Dr. Johnson can customize the procedure for different patients depending upon the severity.

The patient should be medically fit and healthy, non-smoker, realistic in approach and must have a clear understanding of the goal to be achieved by the procedure.

The procedure is carried under general anesthesia and in normal cases, the patient is released on the same day.

The incision depends upon the amount of flab to be removed and the horizontal incision is made along the lower border of your abdomen to be hidden by your undergarments. Another incision will be hidden along the inside border of your belly button.

Results are immediate though swelling persists. The recovery is variable in patients but in likely conditions, it is two weeks for normal routine and four weeks for strenuous activities.

Thigh lift and Abdominoplasty are age management therapies and people who tend to look young with firm figure opts for these reconstructive cosmetic surgeries to defy aging.

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