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Low on budget? Here are the best European destinations that offer budget-friendly travel

As an avid traveler, you would always want to keep traveling to new places without getting tired. But, even if your body is not exhausted after long travels, your budget will be. It is expensive to travel and we all know that. So does that mean you cannot travel to Europe anymore before your budget refills once again? Well, we have the perfect solution that you might be looking for. We have selected some of the cheapest tourist destinations in Europe which offer affordable Europe trip packages. Make sure to check them out on the list that we have mentioned below.

Most affordable countries to travel in Europe

Here is the list of European countries that offer an affordable way to travel and experience the Old World charm without breaking the bank.

  • Hungary – for those of you who don’t know, Hungary is probably one of the most affordable European destinations currently. With a rich past and several memories of recent times, Hungary has been a popular tourist spot since the disintegration of the USSR. It has some of the most interesting and quirkiest tourist attractions like the Lake Balaton, a brilliant Cave Bath in Miskolc-tapioca, Dohány Street Synagogue and Great Market Hall in Budapest. All these places offer a really positive vibe and will make your vacation more enjoyable.
  • Slovakia – with only a population of 6 million people, Slovakia offers some of the most affordable Europe vacation packages. The country is landlocked by different countries like Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Austria, and the Czech Republic. It is famous for its picturesque mountains, beautiful villages, and rich culture. From it’s majestic mountains to modern cities, Slovakia has a lot to offer. The Bratislava Castle, Spiš Castle, St Martin’s Cathedral and the Slovak Paradise National Park, are some of the must-visit places in Slovakia.
  • Estonia – a perfect European getaway for those who want to experience a soothing and relaxing vacation, Estonia is the perfect destination. Located in the Baltics, the country is gorgeous in every possible way. The country boasts about ancient cities, lovely coastlines and fascinating history. The capital Tallinn is one of the best places to visit where you can check out the 14th century Town Hall, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Toompea. Parnu, Rakvere Castle, and the Soomaa National Park are some more attractions in Estonia.
  • Malta – Malta is a truly underrated gem that needs to be explored the right way. A really nice European destination that offers affordable Europe trip packages. Malta is famous for its warm, subtropical climate, beaches, and a vibrant nightlife. With a history spanning for more than 7000 years, Malta is the place you would want to be if you want to experience the Old World charm and the modern sophistication. Some of the top places to visit in this archipelago include Gozo Island, Hagar Qim and Mnajdra, Marsaxlokk, St Julian’s and the capital city of Valletta. It is truly the perfect affordable holiday destination.

If you have read the article till this point, then you are now aware of the top destinations that offer affordable Europe vacation packages to the tourists visiting them throughout the year.

Final Words – Europe has a lot of destinations that need a visit at least once in your lifetime. But if you are low on budget, even then you can experience the true charm of this continent. Make sure to check out the countries we have mentioned in the list above, and plan the next vacation to Europe without burning a hole in your pocket!

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