Lose weight by eating healthy home prepared food

Preparing meals at home may sound like a lot of hard work AND fork out, right?

But, many expert nutritionists and health coaches disagree with this! In fact, they believe that preparing a meal at home is not only healthy, saves time, effort, and money. Meal prepping will definitely help you reach your goals for a number of reasons.

  • The first and foremost, thing is that you will stop spending a lot of money on purchasing unhealthy fast food.
  • Secondly, you will try to explore more and learn different types of healthy cuisines.
  • Thirdly, you will be able to reach your weight loss target more effectively.

Like as per Rujuta Diwekar, You can follow a healthy Indian diet and still stay fit without actually going for supplements. Here are some Lifestyle tips by Rujuta Diwekar for a fitter and better you 

Read on some of the tips for healthy meal prepping within your budget:

  • When you try to buy a week supply, it will be relatively cheaper than a one-time meal that you buy from a fast-food chain.
  • You will have to buy a good borosilicate glass lunch box online to store food and keep it fresh for long.
  • You can always swap a couple of the ingredients when you are trying to clean your diet during your weight loss journey with something similar. For case in the point, if you don’t have broccoli then you can use kale. By doing so, you don’t need to run to the grocery store every now and then for buying a specific thing.
  • Always make sure you add additional veggies to your clean diet to make different the portions of meal. You can add an extra handful of baby spinach, kale or a grated carrot without thinking that you are adding extra calories to your plate.
  • When you come across fresh harvest that is on sale, buy more stock, and freeze it.
  • Keep your fridge and pantry well-organised, as well as, buy some glass lunch box online or keep them handy to store the leftovers.
  • Try to experiment more with your taste buds and try to get veggies that available in the season. Generally speaking, the seasonal veggies are always healthy and more nutrition-rich.
  • During the beginning of the week, try to work out how you going to prepare a meal for each day and make a list of items that you already have. This way you won’t be buying unnecessary items that you don’t need. Besides, you can also make a list of items that are getting over you need to buy again.
  • Online shopping is a great way of buying weekly veggies, fruits, and other grocery items. There is no lure there as you will be just buying items that you will need rather than feeling tempted to buy ice cream or cake from the bakery aisle in the grocery store.
  • Consider shopping fresh veggies and fruit from the local farm or markets. If you’re lucky to have these local farm markets nearby your place, then you will find that veggies are much reasonably priced than local grocery stores.

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