Know these 5 facts if you are performing skydiving for the first time in Miami

When it comes to skydiving on the beach, the only thing which comes in your mind is that the excitement. After every adrenaline rush through you veins, you have finally decided to challenge the height. While some wish to experience the stimulating experience of Miami Beach skydiving or parachute jumping, others are real athletes of skydiving, in short the skydiver professional. No matter what is the purpose or who is performing – everyone goes through the particular energy. So, this is how it all starts. Imagine a plane over three thousand meters high, it is possible to feel the butterflies in the stomach. However, the excitement is unique and worthwhile.

Start with Double Jump if new

The double jump or Miami Beach skydiving tandem jump is one in which the practice is carried out connected to an instructor. This is the best option for those who are jumping for the first time since you can relax and enjoy the sensation of the pure adrenaline offered by skydiving. You just need to calm down. Let the professional control all the movements such as jumping from the plan, execution of the free fall, opening the parachute before safe landing, etc. The maximum weight which the parachute can hold is 300Kg. It takes only 4-5 seconds to expose. The interesting fact is that you gain the minimum speed of 200 Km/ hr. while free falling.

Ask about the Jump Height if beginner

In Miami, you can choose your favourite height according to your choice. You must talk to the instructor and after a certain conversation you will be able to make your choice. Mostly, the tandem parachute jump takes place from 10 thousand feet of free fall and lasts about 40 seconds. As well as you can take the decision to perform the skydiving from beyond the basic altitude level such as 12 thousand feet to 18 thousand. You can enjoy the free fall for more than 60 seconds. The parachute jump is extremely safe if performed according to the instructions of the Miami Beach skydiving rules and regulation. So, before jumping, make sure the place is certified.

Attention to Instructions before Jumping

Before boarding the plane to play thousands of feet tall, the student goes through 15-minute instructions – to understand what must be done during the double jump – and that can be practiced even on the mainland. Comfortable clothes that allow the movement of arms and legs, just like sportswear are ideal for parachute jumping. For the feet, the use of tennis is indicated.

Investigate about Restrictions for Parachute Jumping

Skydiving is a sport that requires the full understanding and clarity that is practiced. Some situations can influence the safety of the practitioner, such as alcohol consumption and diving in a shorter period of 24 hours before the jump. Other factors that may impede the realization are weight, which should not exceed 115 kg, and age, which must be over 18 years – you can jump from the age of 16 since a parental consent was filed. Another common rule – blood donors cannot jump if they have made donations a day before the jump.

Enjoy the Parachute Jump

Taken in all directions, it is time to get on the plane and enjoy the experience. During the ascent, seek to breathe well and look at the landscape to relax.  However, at the time of jumping, follow the instructor’s instructions and then simply enjoy the free fall, followed by a vibrant flight with an open parachute. It is an amazing experience, full of adrenaline and worth living. But why skydiving is best practiced in Miami? Because, there is no such beautiful place where you can see the ocean meets the sky.

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