Is sparkling water a healthy beverage as compared to still water?

Certainly we all have our own specific preferences or say tastes when it comes to staying hydrated?

Some love to grab a bottle of sparkling water, while others feel that only still water can quench their thirst.

It has nowadays become a debatable topic specifically when see many out there buying bottle that is full of sparkling water- Is sparkling water really thirst quenching and healthy?

Today we will try to have a detailed discussion on whether sparkling water is the new alternative to plain water. Let’s try to look into the benefits of drinking both sparkling and still water.

What is still water?

Well, we don’t want to you roll your eyes thinking that who doesn’t know what is plain or still water? As you must be well aware of the fact that natural source of plain or still water is basically from spring or any water body.

What is sparkling water?

Sparkling water is basically a fizzy drink which is prepared by adding carbon dioxide into the still or plain water. However, some people out there like the taste of the carbonated drink and love to buy it more in comparison to drinking plain water.

Idea of staying hydrated throughout the day

When it comes to quenching your thirst, plain water that you sip from your glass water bottle actually helps you in staying hydrated throughout the day. You may be amazed to know that even sparkling water does the same thing but it does come with other adverse effects about which you aren’t aware of much. We will discuss the issues that you can face provided to you enjoy drinking more sparkling water.

Always ensure that you don’t swap still water from sparkling water. It is nothing just a fad. The only difference between the two is that you are splurging money on the bubbles that are being added in the plain water.

Here are some facts that you will understand how much harm you are doing to your body by drinking sparkling water:

Decaying of tooth enamel:

As per estimates, it has been revealed that those who enjoy drinking sparkling water usually face issues related to tooth enamel decaying. This happens because of the reason that carbonation of the water has bad impact on the calcium present in your jaw bone. So it is advisable to stick to drinking plain water from your borosilicate glass water bottle than buying bottled sparkling water.

Upsets your digestion

If you have a sensitive stomach, then there are high chances that the carbon dioxide present in the sparkling water may result in production of excessive gastric acid which can further cause you more problems.

UTI problem

People are prone to UTI problems are advised by the doctors not to drink carbonated drinks as they trigger the issue time and again which is not good from health point of view.

The bottom line

Ditch sparkling water and stick to drinking plain water from your glass water bottle to stay fit and hydrated.

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