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Importance of Six sigma certification in supply chain management

There are various certifications available in Six Sigma, these are Yellow Belt Six Sigma, Green Belt Six Sigma, Black Belt Six Sigma, Lean Green Belt Six Sigma, Lean Black Belt Six Sigma, and Master Black Belt Six Sigma. It may seem irrational to anticipate that an organization can produce and distribute a product quickly with Six Sigma efficiency. 

In today’s competitive world delivering a quality product is not enough, it should reach consumers quickly and effectively with little or no error. This can lead to the organization’s profit and customer satisfaction. Such results can only be achieved after the implementation of Six Sigma Methodology together with Supply Chain Management. Implementation of the Six Sigma procedure during all stages of the supply chain can remove waste which can further lead to decreased lead time, reduced inventory cost, and increased flow. This will make the production process and supply chain more accurate and near to perfection.  

six sigma in supply chain management

It is so critical to both measure output and analyzes data to guarantee that near-perfect flow has both been achieved and is retained throughout the supply chain. With Six Sigma Processes, once a process has been mastered, precautions, as well as checks and balances, are placed in place to ensure that this quality continues over the life of the supply chain as well as the business. Defects mean expense, and the more defects found within the entire supply chain, the more the overall profits of a business would be impacted.

Training and certification by Six Sigma educate workers as a successful team to not only recognize the causes of failures and delays in the supply chain but also how to establish reliable and statistically based approaches to eradicate them. If an organization wants to increase its efficiency then hiring a Six Sigma Certified professional for Supply Chain management would add wings to its revenue. If an organization does not want to remove the former employees, then it can send its supply chain professionals for Six Sigma training. This will definitely aid the bottom line and prove to be a small investment for a long time profit. 

A supply chain is a sequence of activities involved in the manufacturing and distribution of a product or service. It might sound easy but in reality, it is a quite complex task. It includes the process of seeking the best raw material, skilled labor, planning, time management, and disciplined and punctual staff. All this can only be achieved by a good leader therefore a leader should be well prepared for such circumstances. 

Six Sigma methodology makes use of statistical concepts and tools to identify disparity or flaws of a process. Six Sigma Certification in supply chain management from an accredited institution stipulates that an individual has achieved a specific level of knowledge in the field and study of Six Sigma. This certification will make an individual a more valuable asset to an organization and amplify its career greatly. 

Supply Chain Management is a wide range of synchronized activities that are prerequisites to plan, control and execute the flow of a product from obtaining raw materials to delivering finished goods and services. To achieve maximum profit this process should be appropriate with respect to resources, time, and cost. Six Sigma and Supply Chain Management work jointly to achieve end products at their best. The aim of  Six Sigma methodology is to search, diagnose and fix flaws and errors in a supply chain. 

Six Sigma professionals or we can say experts, thoroughly study each phase of the supply chain to identify where the defect is coming from and how it could be removed from its root cause.  This leads to better product delivery, increased customer satisfaction, and improved profit. Before choosing an institution, one should do a bit of research. Raising queries from different course providers is something that a learner should stress on. There is a high demand for Six Sigma Professional in today’s market. This work profile is highly paid and respected. 

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