Here is how you can get your Dell screen Replacement in no time

Nowadays laptops have become a must gadget to have especially if you are a white collar professional or a student. But sometimes mishaps happen and your laptop’s screen could get damaged. A damaged screen display doesn’t mean your device or laptop is paperweight.

As many people are trying DIYs, laptop screen are now available though you have to be on guard when buying laptop spare parts as there are plenty of counterfeits in the market. What can be even more heartbreaking is getting it done from someone who does not care about your device as much as you do. Many service providers in the market might treat your device with extreme carelessness, while providing you fake products in the name of repair. But before we get into the whole facade of what one can do to get rid of all the fake marketing that the repair centers have been doing, one needs to know what they can do in order to get away from the same. 

But first you need to know exactly what needs Dell screen Replacement, one fine way to tell which screen needs to be replaced after damage is to turn the device on, and test it. If the screen and the image shows fine, but the front glass has been shattered, your device needs a new touch screen (AKA digitizer). However, if the front glass is intact, but the part that shows image is broken, you need a new LCD. If you are unable to see the image properly, and the front glass is broken, you will need a new assembly, e.g. the LCD + digitizer.

But it is always advisable to get your Dell screen Replacement repaired by professionals, especially if your laptop is on the premium tier like dell precision or alien-ware series, that has a good reputation.

  • Normally dell service centres seems to be the go to place for your laptop repairing but dell laptop warranty does not cover accidental damages unless you have opted for dell accidental service program, therefore it gets real pricey and service time depends on the centre.
  • The other option is to go to a reputed repair centre. In that regard has got you covered. 
  • You can just walk into the FixermanMe repair centre. And give your laptop for repair. Here at FixerManMe, we use only OEM parts for the replacement it means you can be assured that your laptop will be working as good as before.

Or, if you are unable to come to our repair centre. Just contact us through our website or social media and we will come to your doorstep with our solar-powered van to take the laptop to repair and will deliver the laptop to you once repaired.

Any laptop repairs are done in 24 to 48 hours on average so you won’t have any problem with your work.

In addition to the quality service we also provide up to 2-years warranty on all spare parts we use. Our service centre are ESD compliant.

So next time your laptop’s screen gets damaged, just contact

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