Hassle Free Blood Glucose Monitoring: OneTouch Ultra 2

Advances in the measurement of Blood Glucose Monitoring is usually made with the intention of simplifying the often drawn-out process of testing, while at the same time reducing errors and provide as much correct information as possible.

That is exactly what OneTouch Ultra 2 blood glucose monitoring system promises its customers.

What makes it good?

Leading the market as one of the most preferred glucometers, OneTouch Ultra 2 blood glucose monitoring system is set aside by its easy availability and ease of use. Although it is one of the few that still require coding, it makes up with its impressive speed and effectiveness. It also takes the prize for being among the most affordable strips on the market, when compared to newer technology.

The fact that it requires coding is not entirely enough to brush it aside, as it is a simple step.

It also has a long lifetime, with a single CR2032 battery often keeping it alive for 6 to 12 or more months at a stretch, which is a boon.

In addition to this, the fact that there are a large number of online resources and tutorials aimed at teaching users how to operate the fairly simple device adds to its appeal. The company places great importance on being responsible to users and aids them with calorie planning, fitness tracking and so on. In addition, it is compatible with Windows and OneTouch’s own free to download management software.

The strips are compatible with any OneTouch meter, so one need not worry extensively about choosing the right ones, as its more of a one size fits all regime.

Where it needs improvement.

OneTouch Ultra 2 blood glucose monitoring system is among the only few glucometers that still require coding for its strips to work. While this is not enough reason to overlook it completely, it certainly puts a damper, as a wrong code could result in faulty results.

What it ensures

It is in compliance with the highest international standards, and guarantees to be a fast and reliable way to monitor the effect of food habits on fasting blood sugar. It comes with the meter, lancing device, sterile lancet, and case, while strips and control solutions are to be purchased separately.

Use is fairly simple and consists only of ensuring coded test strip is ready for use, lancing the finger and obtaining a drop of blood, and applying the blood sample.

The result is displayed on a backlit screen. It only remains to clean the device and put it away until the next use. It is strictly advised that the user dispose of the lancet and strip carefully.

It also takes into account food effects through a meal flag, and other comments worth noting, including Stress, Illness, Vacation, Exercise, and Medication.

Past results and averages are all maintained and recorded, up to 500 records, to give a clear and comprehensive picture of overall health. Memory overloads are taken care of by automatic deletion and subsequent data addition, which takes away the responsibility of the user.

Data transfer to a Windows system is made easy with the OneTouch Diabetes Management Software.


Users are encouraged to perform control testing checks regularly in order to ensure that the device and strips are in working condition, and that functionality is correctly implemented.

Battery replacement and cleaning instructions are also provided to users for optimal performance, along with a list of messages and possible steps the user could take to bring their condition to be normal. Users are advised to double check in extreme cases.

Test results are expressed in the same plasma equivalent units as laboratory measurements, but normal variation is expected. It predicts an error of 20% when the measurement is done at instructed conditions.

All this taken into account, OneTouch Ultra 2 blood glucose monitoring system gives a fairly accurate representation of user health as far as blood glucose levels are concerned. It is both easily accessible and affordable and takes away the necessity to approach healthcare providers for individual checkups, making it more convenient for people to make in-home measurements, and contact healthcare providers only in emergency situations. This also makes sure the users are well informed about their current state and are in a position to make informed decisions. Its tried and tested methodology is trusted by a lot of people across the world, and is easily one of the leading glucometers in the market, boasting trust and faith it has earned, by being reliable and effective, proving itself to its customers. While newer technology certainly poses as a competition, OneTouch Ultra 2 blood glucose monitoring system is on the whole, in the market to stay for the long run.

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