Glimpse at the most common source of water

Remember, not all drinking water is created equal. The tastes of water are different depending on its source, and perhaps your impression of water is based on having only tried one or two specific types. Some differences are obvious immediately, some differences are subtle, while some take a bit of faith that there is something “special” about the water according to your beliefs or preferences. Here are some of the principal sources of water.

Bottled water

Similar to spring water in some respects, some even claiming to be spring or artesian sourced, bottled water (buy bottled alkaline water Atlanta) is now considered a bit of a pariah in the water supply industry. The use of plastics, the worries about chemical leaching, the landfill problems with disposed of bottles, and the ridiculous bottling of municipal water and selling it for a hundred times its new cost have placed a dent in this way of consuming water. Though there are good points to consider too in some places, bottled water is the only safe source of drinking water, that’s why they need water delivery Dekalb county and while traveling, this bottled water will keep you hydrated and away from contamination problems.

Filtered water

Filters can go directly on tap or the water can be filtered through a jug, watercooler, or another system. Filters incline to be charcoal and reverse-osmosis, though there are other types. Most filters need to be changed regularly to ensure effectiveness. This filtered water usually tastes much better than water straight from the tap or from water bottle delivery service Atlanta.

Tap water

Tap water is usually treated and you can often taste the chemicals. Cl is the most well-known treatment agent and few people enjoy its distinctive after-taste. Cl kills microorganisms in the water but it can also deplete your body of certain vitamins and harm your beneficial intestinal flora. Filter such water (alkaline water Atlanta) before drinking it. Note that while boiling water will kill most germs, it won’t remove chemicals. However, as the chlorine used in water treatment is generally in a gaseous form, one easy way to reduce the chlorine content is to refrigerate the water overnight. The chlorine gas is released and the water tastes better chilled.

Spring or mineral water

This water is usually collected from underground water springs containing soluble minerals and bottled for home use. It is typically chosen as it has a superior taste and is filled with minerals. Best alkaline water Atlanta provided the company is subject to tests, you are also reassured that the quality of the water is excellent; if you own your own spring, test it regularly to ensure its purity. Whether or not this is a good choice is dependent on quite a number of factors. Do you know if the company has treated the water post-collection? If so, how (e.g., filtration, chlorination)? Has anything more been added to it (e.g., carbonation for bubbles)? And what containers has it been placed in for transportation and storage? The combination of plastics and water considered a bad combination, as plastics may leach. If you have your personal spring, or you have a commercial source of good repute, spring water can be a great tasting water source.


Nowadays, we have eco-friendly bottle options too, such as glass and safer plastics, so be a savvy consumer and make a good choice to weigh up the real costs behind consuming bottled water. Overall, if you get your water delivery Gwinnett county from best company then the most bottled waters will taste fine, although if the plastic has a strong odor, it’s probable the water will also taste of it (and that should worry you).

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