How Food Mobility Platforms Use Business Analytics to Improve Delivery and Experience

In the evolution of human race, we have come to a point in the journey where food, shelter and clothes are all available at your fingertips, provided you have the right device in your hand with an active internet pack. When it comes to moving food and beverages, and fulfilling deliveries, we have seen a rise in the number of companies efficiently putting ready-made food on our platter.

But, there is much more than spicy ingredients and sweet desserts pushing the bar in the food mobility business. The real honey and butter driving the industry is — Big Data.

Big Data Analytics for Better Business Analytics

Big data analytics is a key science in food delivery and fulfillment platforms. It uncovers a large volume of behavioral insights, hidden conversational patterns, and location data to accurately correlate human choice with available food outlets around the customer.

In business analytics model used by food delivery platforms, the big data analytics is much more refined today than what was used 3-4 years ago.

Connecting Data for Actionable Strategy in New Markets

Today, food mobility business has taken off in all the metro cities in India. But, the most astonishing growth part is it’s mushrooming in Tier 2 (population between 1-5 million) cities as well. These platforms are reaching semi-urban cities, towns and rural places as well.

food delivery

In addition to connecting data with human choices about food, these platforms are also using real-time data to reach new emerging markets.

Marketing, Sales and Advertising

In my own experience, I have seen a growing number of programmatic targeted advertisements and messaging from these food mobility platforms. These are targeted on various channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp Business, and even on Netflix OTT channels. This targeted advertising is possible using Business Analytics strategy built on the modern science of native and programmatic advertising using real time bidding benchmarks.

When it comes to marketing and sales, I get 5x the times of email newsletters and festive offers, enabling me to pick the right set of menu for any of my parties.

In short, these marketing, sales and advertising strategies are refined, executed and modeled using business and data analytics.

Major components for data visualization include, CRM, Email Marketing, Social Media Monitoring and Listening, and Video Advertising.

How to Beat Competition?

Business Analytics courses in India train professionals in various user cases scenarios from diverse consumer industries. Today, business analysts have a great job avenue in the form of Food business, that are expanding their reach beyond just delivering food and beverages. But, they are also tying up other mobile and digital native platforms such as cab hailing (Uber and others), medicine, apparel and garment delivery, and digital marketing agencies.

To become a business analyst, you need a strong understanding of Maths, Science, IT and Statistical basics. Programming skills in Python, R, Java, and SAS Analytics come handy in working with modeled data analytics tool kit.

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