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Experience varieties of sushi dishes

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Sushi, there is a rare chance that someone has not heard of this delicious dish, who is originated in Japan. But there are so many variety of sushi that there is an obvious chance to get confused amongst the variety of sushi’s available, like temaki, maki, etc. one should know that there is the significant difference among the sushis.

If you have been to a Japanese restaurant your head might be spinning just looking at the numerous varieties of sushis available. If you are one of these people, then this article is for you, as we will explain to you with variety of sushi’s available in the market. You can also try at home for special occasions. Before looking at type o sushi let’s take a bird view on what is sushi, sushi is a roll of rice served with fish, wasabi etc. given the popularity it has gained in recent times sushi is available everywhere. You can order simply sushi in any Japanese restaurant.


Different Types of Sushi

  • Nigirizushi

Nigri is the most conventional type of sushi, if you are a sushi fan there is no chance you haven’t taste nigri sushi. The only way to differentiate between sushi’s are if you know how they look. For nigri it is an oblong consist of single layer sushi rice, pressed with palm for consistency. In layman terms, any sushi that you eat is hand-pressed will fall in the category of nigri.

Sushi is rarely served with plain stuffed rice, also rice is of individual choice can be white, brown or short grain rice. Now usually sushi includes thin or thick slice depends on the choice of topping. The toppings are of variety like tuna or bleu fin, seaweed, red snapper, clams, squids or yellow tail, these are the most common and popular choices amongst the topping to be applied while making sushi. When this topping is raw, usually the dish is presented by an under-coat of wasabi, it’s a paste made of a grained stem.

2)      Temarizushi

Usually you will find sushi in oblong shape but when it comes to temari, you can identify this variant of nigri by its different shape, temari is made in small round shape. These are beautiful, delicious colourful balls that are presented in a mesmerising way. These balls are combination of colours that depends on the sushi or vegetables that is to soften the temari. Along with vegetable they are served with decorative ornaments, they are served with Japan’s girl day, also known as Hinamasturi. It is also served with a large batch of colourful balls on special occasion.

  • Gunkan maki

This dish is named because of the way it looks, loosely translated Gunakan Maki is warship, due to the said shape. It is also a variant of Nigri, which is wrapped around with seaweed. Seaweed is usually compared with the high protein plant like soybeans, but there amount is low so there nutritional value doesn’t reach the consumer in totality. The popular toppings with this sushi is scallops, salmon, tuna, quail eggs, etc., some people prefer yolk as a topping too. Other than this the raw ingredients are available in the sushi us toppled through dicing, grating, chopping and sometimes crumbling the. Sushi is one of those exotic dishes that the professional chefs take years to get master into, but then there taste is phenomenal.


Sushi is a popular Japanese dish, available almost everywhere but especially in a Japanese restaurant. In a Japanese restaurant you will find a different simply sushi menu, for you to choose from. This article told you about the variety of sushi’s, now all you have to do is try them.

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