Ever increasing scope of technology

Advances in the digital world have led to the era of digitization and major economies are taking advantage of it. Cutting edge techs like Machine learning and deep learning are behind the technological revolution we are experiencing today and it is very important to carefully assess the recent developments.

A lot of path covered!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for quite some time and was basically conceptualized in the 1950s in a paper by Alan Turing named “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”. In this paper Turing aimed at creating a machine with the ability to mimic human intelligence. The concept reached it height when in 1996-1997, “Deep Blue” an IBM computer defeated the then world champion Gary Kasparov. However, in the last few decades rapid advances in the digital space have led to the creation of massive volumes of data and subsequently a lot of data was available to public. This gave a new boost to the world of AI which led to the rise of its subsets like the innovative concept of Machine Learning.

Machine Learning and its uses:

ML imparts the cognitive ability of learning from experience to machines. It takes help of algorithms and statistical models which when fed with data need not to be explicitly programmed to perform complex tasks. A ML enabled system is able to perform without any human intervention and improve itself over time.

Some amazing uses of ML:

  • Virtual assistants.
  • Traffic predictions.
  • Fraud detection.
  • Online recommendation systems.
  • Self-diagnosis tools.

Deep Learning and its potential:

Human beings have long wanted to clone the human brain! And if not biologically possible, we have certainly reached closer to it digitally with the deep learning neural networks. The multilayered artificial neural networks used in DL systems comes very close to how a human brain functions and thus, machines with DL systems learn automatically from data almost like us. DL has made complex tasks possible such as –

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Computer vision.
  • Speech and Image recognition
  • Machine Translation

DL not only offers huge business potential but also for general welfare!

A McKinsey Global Institute report suggests that businesses embracing deep learning will quickly experience a growth of 5-9% which means DL will have an impact of billions of dollars in businesses. Most of the business potential of DL lies in its predictive analytics capability by the means of which business leaders will be able to make smarter decisions beforehand.

DL also has huge potential in the world of Bio-informatics and research. While precise weather predictions can be made with the help of DL, it will also help in diagnosis of rare diseases.

What can it offer to you?

A world of futuristic experience and great opportunities await you in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. With a market of 11.3 billion USD globally and millions invested in India alone, you will never find a better employment field. At a time when India and the world needs more skilled professionals you can also take the opportunity and achieve your dreams.

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