How to ensure the prolonged existence of caster wheels?

The investment on caster wheels is really a big investment especially for the newcomers in business and therefore it should last for a longer time. You need to keep in mind that the best of the caster wheels also needs proper care and maintenance. Maintenance is the only solution to keep your wheel going for a longer time. The business owners are sure to get back good returns on their investment if they take care of their casters properly. For example, when polyurethane wheels with bearings get shipped to you, it is usually covered in a wrap with bubbles. To maintain its freshness you have to keep it wrapped in a proper manner. Below mentioned are some of the important tips that you should follow to keep your casters fit and perfect for a longer life.

castor wheels

Tips for maintaining caster wheels:

For those who do not have an idea about to maintain the caster wheels, here are few tips which will help you to maintain your caster wheels.

  • Proper lubrication of the caster wheels- To keep your caster wheels fresh and to make it work for a longer time, you need lubricate the wheels properly. In other words you should lubricate the wheels after every six months. This is one of the good guidelines for all type of caster wheels like the solid rubber wheels with bearings. Lubrication is more important to the wheels having bearings. This increases the mobility of the entire wheel. However, the six month time is not the universal time gap within which you should do the lubrication. There are many casters which are in presence of corrosive substances or get wet in volatile environments. These type of casters need frequent lubrications.
  • Inspect the wheels- You need to constantly keep a check on the wheels to ensure that there is no wear and tear or any kind of damage on it. For example, if you find the solid rubber wheels with bearings having any kind of wear and tear, then you should immediately change or replace them to avoid any kind of damage to the floor, steering issues or load shifting.
  • Check the fasteners- It is important to make sure that the wheel with bearings just likes the polyurethane wheels with bearings are fitted properly to prevent any kind of problems and to ensure that the fittings do not move or fall apart. These bearings are likely to prone to daily wear and tear and this is quite obvious! This is because these wheels tend to work against the gravitational force. In case of solid rubber wheels with bearings, the owners should always keep a check on screws, nuts and bolts to make sure that the bearings are properly fitted to it. If you overlook these minor defects, the castor wheel will lose its strength and replacement will become difficult in the long run.
  • Pay attention to the details- To ensure longevity of the casters, it is important to pay attention to all the minute details. For example, the polyurethane wheels with bearings provide greater capacity of carrying loads. Therefore it is important for you to inspect or monitor it regularly to ensure that all the bearings are fixed properly.
  • Make necessary repairs- The rubber casters tend to worn out easily because they are soft. If the solid rubber wheels with bearings have worn out badly, then you should immediately change it. The casters can sometimes lose its rubber fittings and it can get damaged by the floor on which it is getting rolled.

With regular inspection, proper lubrication, and necessary repairs you can keep your casters last for a longer time without making unnecessary investments on installation or replacement.

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