Had enough of bed bugs and, want to eliminate it completely? Here is what you need to see

Bed bugs are pests that can populate the bedroom, pricking people during the night. They are not very active during the day and, come out of their burrows, hidden in the cracks of the walls, in the cracks, in the stitching of the mattresses or in the electric sockets. During the night they can sting humans more easily. Their stings cause small red spots and, itchy on the skin. But, beyond the annoyance they are not dangerous unless an allergic reaction occurs. By recognizing the signs left by the pet, it is possible to identify their presence and take measures to eliminate it by calling bed bug exterminator Michigan experts. These bed bug lays their eggs much faster so, don’t take any risk.

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Find out the disinfestation area to solve it

The bed bug is an insect that needs human blood to survive. For this reason, when infesting the bedroom, it is possible to notice from the puncture marks that generate itching and red pomp. Although they do not seem to cause disease. They are very annoying and must be disinfected. These animals are attracted to human warmth and, therefore do not represent a sign of poor cleanliness, as some might think. The insect moves essentially at night, remaining hidden during the day in the upholstery, in the wood, in the mattress and, even in the electrical sockets or in the smoke alarms. And, hiring only the bed bug removal Troy MI expert will know where they are hiding. Because they have the possible training to search and destroy the infestation.

Stings on the skin is the first sign to understand

The sting of the bedbug usually determines the appearance within a few hours of a skin rash associated with itching. Usually there is not a single puncture, but a series, because the insect sucks blood from several points. The most exposed parts therefore hands, arms, neck, face, are those affected by the signs. Unlike mosquito bites, those of the bug are very close to each other, in a row or in a cluster, because it moves by creeping.

The stools – they are dark in colour and fabrics appear (or skin) as specks encrusted. Following the path, it is possible to find the guest.

The skin – that is the changed skin of the insect. During the growth the animal changes the external surface of its body, yellow, and leaves it around.

Blood stains – during the night, with body movements, it is possible to crush insects or disturb them while they are feeding. When this happens it is possible to find obvious blood loss on the bed linen. They manage to reproduce very quickly and therefore to spread in all the rooms of a house, as long as they are warm and rich in carbon dioxide. It is easy to see them with the naked eye, since they are the size of a lentil, and are of a colour between red and brown.

Get rid of annoying guests: all the pest control

When the presence of the parasite is detected, it is advisable to proceed with the disinfestation of the bedbugs and the sanitation of the environment. To do this it is advisable to contact a specialized company which normally will use non-toxic insecticides for humans and specific equipment (which heats over 50 ° C) to get rid of insects and their eggs. If you wish, otherwise, you can proceed to do-it-yourself pest control, although it may not be enough.If you have cleaning appliances capable of producing hot steam, use them.

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