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One of the dangers that is attributed to the use of the screens of mobiles and tablets by children is the saturation and long-term consequences. Parents, through new technologies, aim to foster skills in the development of children. However, its effect may be the opposite.

The screens tend to impair the ability of children to concentrate, to pay attention, to perceive the attitudes of other people and to communicate with them. It also deteriorates the construction of a wide vocabulary.

Children are increasingly having problems socializing and making friends. The central lobe of the brain is responsible for decoding and understanding social interactions. It develops in childhood, and for its development, contact with others is vital. After all, it’s the way you learn to read the hundreds of unspoken signs. These signs are as diverse as tone of voice, facial expression or gestures. Therefore, if you replace relationships with other children and adults with mobile or tablet screens, you run a great risk of not developing empathic skills.

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Another risk of the use of children’s screens is that they internalize that all actions have an immediate effect. And, at the same time, that all the stimuli also imply a quick response. Where can you see this? Surely you have seen or have ever been told how a child tries to slide a photograph or a real book as if it were a mobile phone. It may seem funny, but what it implies is not just any subject.

The child, when obtaining a response of colours, shapes and sounds through the screen, what he gets is dopamine. Dopamine is the key component of our reward system that is associated with feelings of pleasure. In this way, the child tends to prefer a screen in front of other objects, since it obtains gratification and immediate response. After all, his brain ends up feeling addicted to the neurotransmitter of dopamine.

Use parental control app for Android to manage kids’ screen time

For kids’ screen time management, one tool that really helps parents in this digital age is the parental control app for Android. The app offers parents a list of possibilities with which they can not only manage their kids’ time of screen use, but can also supervise the use of the device that their kids make. Apps like FamilyTime help parents

  • Organize screen free time like dinner, homework etc. with screen time limits that are customizable and automated.
  • Lock their devices any time with the help of phone locks
  • Limit daily app usage
  • Block addictive games and social apps
  • Teach them to save screen time that they can use later with Time Bank feature

Once the device is locked there is nothing the kids can do. Fill their boredom with physical games and fun activities that don’t require any devices. An app makes sure that the kids play by the rules and you can do other things too instead of just worrying about them. You can also manage it from work.

FamilyTime has it all for you. Not just screen time management tools, but it also offers excellent online and phone monitoring and family connection as well. Do you wish to give this app a free try? You can. O now to the app store on your phone and try out the app for free.

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